Thursday, June 18, 2009

Celebrating the 4th for a 3rd Year in a Row!

Great News! Craig will be celebrating Independence Day with the Boston Pops for a 3rd year in a row! This is wonderful news for US fans who will get to see the broadcast live on CBS. I've enjoyed the last 2 years watching the fireworks 'with Craig' and I was hoping to make it a tradition. It is indeed a great day for America, everybody...



  1. Malinky, is there any way you could record that and post it for us, either here or on YT? Pretty, pretty please? I work nights, so I'm definitely gonna miss it. And if I don't get to see any of it at all, I might cry... :(

  2. Oh don't do that. I can't have one of our loyal addicts busting at the seams on us! I do plan to record and attempt to upload the show but just didn't wanna announce it in the post.

    Have faith my love. ;-)

    So, wait. You gotta work on a holiday?!?!?!?!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Malinky! You're the best!!!

    (And yes, I have to work on most holidays. It sucks, but I'm sure I'll live...)

  4. yea, it would be awesome if u cood record it particularly for us americans who aren't even in the country during july 4th :(.

    thanks a bunches!

  5. Absolutely! It's the least I can do.
    I'd be honored to provide a little bit of entertainment for those who are away from home protecting us abroad...

    If you're stationed in Croatia or Germany, then you'll get Craig all to yourselves next week!

  6. um....well i personally am not in th military. just a student doing studies abroad :S. but ur rite about those actually protecting the country.

  7. Yes, my bad. Also certainly for those Americans who are abroad and need a little taste of home. I've watched the show for the past 2 years, and pathetically I tear up every year.

    Since a majority of channel viewers are located outside of the US, I'm wondering how they feel about the potential airing of this footage...

  8. Yep Mal, pretty please record it :))
    I am actually going to be in Boston for the 4th, but I am not sure I'm gonna be able to attend, since I'll be in a summerschool nearby. WHICH SUCKS FOR A CRAIG FAN. Can you friggin believe I live abroad and on the one chance I come to the States Craig is gonna be there and I'm not allowed to go?????

  9. Hey Mal, I read above that you were wondering what viewers of your channel from outside the US would feel about airing the footage of the July 4th celebrations with Craig. I for one would love to see it!!!

    You always hear about how July 4th is so special to you guys but we never really get to see any of it or understand why, so I would be grateful as a UK citizen if you could also upload this footage =]

    And a pre Happy July 4th to all Americans out there =]