Monday, December 20, 2010

Craig Ferguson guest list 12/20/10

Mon, Dec 20th: Kristin Davis, Dick Cavett
Tue, Dec 21st: Jane Fonda

Wed, Dec 22nd: Michael Clarke Duncan, Grant Imahara
Thu, Dec 23rd: Kathy Griffin, Ruth Gerson
Fri, Dec 24th: No show (Midnight mass)

sources: cbs

Monday, December 6, 2010

Craig Ferguson guest list 12/6/10

Leaked clip, a french pretender & a Grammy nom...What more exciting drama lies ahead?!
Mon, Dec 6th: Katie Couric, Al Madrigal
Tue, Dec 7th: Carrie Fisher, Dennis Lehane
Wed, Dec 8th: Russell Brand, Richard Wolffe
Thu, Dec 9th: Lucy Liu, Jody Williams
Fri, Dec 10th: Neil Patrick Harris, Nellie McKay

sources: cbs
, LLS updated 4pm est.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Craig Ferguson guest list 11/29/10

What ever will His Chattiness decide?
Mon, Nov 29th: Michael Sheen, Michael Franti
Tue, Nov 30th: Salman Rushdie, DJ Qualls

Wed, Dec 1st: Regis Philbin, Greg Proops, Nellie McKay
Thu, Dec 2nd: Cedric The Entertainer, Norah Jones
Fri, Dec 3rd: Ewan McGregor, Shannon Woodward

sources: cbs

Monday, November 15, 2010

Craig Ferguson guest list 11/15/10

Mon, Nov 15th: Dennis Miller, Bianca Kajilich
Tue, Nov 16th: Jeff Goldblum, Matt Smith

Wed, Nov 17th: Russell Crowe, Dr Lisa Masterson
Thu, Nov 18th: Mark Ruffalo, Dennis Lehane
Fri, Nov 19th: Amy Sedaris, Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman

sources: cbs

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Adventures of an RSA General at Carnegie Hall 10/23/10

I waited months and months, staring at the tickets on the wall...Kiss & Deep Purple jokes, blah, blah, blah. Suddenly, the day was coming, and I stiffened up with anxiety and confusion. So if you met a person by the name of Malinky at Carnegie Hall on Saturday night, you spent time with someone I hired for the evening...

Or so I wished.

Upon exiting the subway, climbing steps and entering Columbus Circle, I could inhale the invigorating feeling of New York City's essence mixed thickly with Robot Skeleton that's what that is. I recognized it from the book signing but now it has a name.

I asked my friend Dave along, who is not an official Robot Skeleton but a fan of the show for many years...he passed the Malinky sniff test. As we started to head towards the iconic Carnegie Hall, I didn't notice I was walking so fast until I saw poor Dave in the distance. As we got closer, I swore I heard glimpses of conversation in passing..."Craig" *giggling* "In your pants" *giggling* "And then Malinky wrote.." *shock* Wot?!

"I swore I just heard my name Dave, lets walk faster..."

Honestly, the streets reminded me of Christmas time without the chilly temps, dirty snow and music being drilled into the skull...hustle and bustle, with such a very lovely softness of pleasantry and fun. Needless to say, I was quite excited, like a giddy fan indeed, and my mind wasn't letting the moment flee.

Apparently, 6:20 is too early for seating a 7:00 show at Carnegie Hall and waiting around the lobby was against my anxious needs, so Dave & I popped into a bar a block away for a quick drink, across the street from Carnegie Deli. After a quick drink and a minor heart attack over the check, we finally got to file into the bloody kingdom, holding the king hostage... Yes, I respect the historic aspect of CH but something about the place just rubs me the wrong way, perhaps it's the red coats the security people wear; Too much irony for my taste.

Started spotting skellies left and was kinda awesome, a family reunion from the book signing at Barnes & Noble (*cough* not Borders...) with the added deliciousness of meeting new family members. Little did I know this was only the start of The Great Huggage... Lets not forget to wear the cap of reality, and remember there are a few family members you don't wish to see...who gives a crap, its a Craigy convention.

It was lovely to see Michael Naidus in proper was as if La-La-Land came to New York City for the night. It was fun to flirt with James Lipton...I got minimal response, but a response none the less. The lights dimmed...we all promptly planted ourselves in anticipation.

Randy Kagan was introduced and really did an excellent job of getting the night started. It was my first live experience seeing Randy but I've read a lot of tour reviews thus far. I found Randy comfortable and warm, with amble rawness oozing out...he was fucking funny. For future audience members of Randy's set: young girls-don't bother trying to get in his pants, geriatrics-wear yer tightest girdle, dudes- don't wear sweaters, seriously. After reading the reviews for months and then seeing the show, it seems Randy gained some chops on this tour and he wears it well. Randy's set was way too short.

It was lovely to see Mister Ferguson come out, imprints of his soul now firmly established on the very stage that many greats stood before him. I had mixed emotions as a proud fan...finally, he was NYC's for the night but also, its another unexpected accomplishment to add to his life. I wanted to laugh, I wanted to cry, I wanted maniacally scream and run around the auditorium tearing my clothes off, but I didn't...thank goodness.
"It's a Great Day for America Everybody!"
The crowd seemed to roar with a passionate response that gave me I the only freak that felt this? I didn't care because before I knew it, Craig was comfy and into his set and I was ready for the ride. It was rather refreshing to see His Chattiness cussing in a suit without a pixelated blob attached to his face. It was fun to see the show producer laughing at Craig in person. It was absolutely beautiful to look around at all the luscious faces with shit eating grins & perma-smiles, all focused on one thing, Craig holding his cock. Despite over a week of touring, he put on an energetic and funny show, and his fans responded with dancing crocodilios & howls of laughter. It felt so good to see this all happening for him, the second funniest person I know; okay, maybe third funniest person I know.

I didn't think it was possible but after the show, the escalation of excitement only grew with limited minor interuptions of bobbing and weaving hangers on & leeches. I quickly met some of the loveliest people, including the man himself. Yes, our Commander in Chief and his general briefly crossed paths, you know to exchange battle plans, go over information obtained by spies and distribute appropriate exchanges of respect and admiration.

I met so many nice people at the show and after, while waiting for Craig to come out the side stage door...I can't tell you how long we all stood around and waited but it didn't matter to me. I couldn't feel the cold but only the warmth of people around me laughing at the same things I laugh at. Finally, they gave in and we all headed a block away to sit down for some drinks and yum-yums. There was so much talking and laughing, I couldn't possibly think of eating and wasn't able to finish my drink.

This was a first time experience for me. On this night I got it. It was possible for some of Craig's fans to be fans of mine too...the love they showed is indescribable. It kept coming like ocean waves...with bear hugs. I don't usually swim in such waters. The kind words, the sweet smiles, the sneaky Mister Nancy grilling Dave like a cheeseburger to find out my name... *sigh* all quite unforgettably fun & special.

To me, looking back, it was possibly a once in a lifetime chance... I started this as a hobby because I am an insomniac and Craig's show got me through some tough times. I was just trying to share him with others who may be unhappy and in need of a giggle...I think I did that and then some in the interim. Somehow, it has become more than just a hobby. Some may think I'm crazy but it has become a part of my life now, like eating, showering & sex. It's all worth it because I enjoy it. I'm mighty thankful I didn't let my fears get the best and hire some other douche to be me for the night...only 3 of you, perhaps reading this, were there that night, know for sure.

With Baby Ferguson almost done baking, who knows when Craig will do stand up in New York City again...hope it's sooner than a year, so we can all get together again.

Yours in cheekiness,
Malinky I. Stoatir
RSA General

Thank you Craig for being you, doing yer thang & sharing that thang with us.
Thank you Dave for being my wing man for the night.
Thank you Randy Kagan for your photo was lovely to meet you.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Craig Ferguson guest list 10/25/10

Mon, Oct 25th: Condolleeza Rice, Joe Theissman
Tue, Oct 26th: Danny DeVito, Brie Larson, Henry Cho

Wed, Oct 27th: Marg Helgenberger, Donald Glover
Thu, Oct 28th: Michael Caine
Fri, Oct 29th: Jason Segel, Alison Brie, Adam Hills

sources: cbs

Monday, October 4, 2010

Craig Ferguson guest list 10/4/10

Mon, Oct 4th: Lauren Graham, Rosanne Cash
Tue, Oct 5th: Alfred Molina, Cory Kahaney

Wed, Oct 6th: Debra Winger, Adhir Kalyan, Julie Gribble
Thu, Oct 7th: Toby Keith, Louie Anderson
Fri, Oct 8th: Mary Lynn Rajskub, Carl Edwards

sources: cbs

Monday, September 27, 2010

Craig Ferguson guest list 9/27/10

Mon, Sept 27th: Sela Ward, Guillermo Del Toro
Tue, Sept 28th: David Boreanaz, Melissa McCarthy

Wed, Sept 29th: Steven Wright, Sloane Crosley
Thu, Sept 30th: Edward Norton, Odette Yustman
Fri, Oct 1st: Carey Mulligan, Marc Maron

sources: cbs

Monday, September 20, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest List 9/20/10

Craig does a great anime face but this ain't it.
Mon, Sept 20th: Mindy Kaling, Steve Hartman
Tue, Sept 21st: Patricia Heaton, Adam Brody, Sara Bareilles

Wed, Sept 22nd: cast from "The Big Bang Theory"
Thu, Sept 23rd: John Hamm, Jonathan Ames
Fri, Sept 24th: Jason Schwartzman

sources: cbs, 1iota

Monday, September 13, 2010

Craig Ferguson guest list 9/13/10

Mon, September 13th: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ellie Kemper
Tue, September 14th: Kristen Bell, Sarah McLachlan

Wed, September 15th: Don Rickles, Brie Larson
Thu, September 16th: William Shatner, Sloane Crosley
Fri, September 17th: Tim Gunn *Tim Gunn*, Jennifer Finnigan

source: cbs

Monday, August 30, 2010

Craig Ferguson guest list 8/30/10

Mon, August 30th: Adam Goldberg, Chief
Tue, August 31st: Don Johnson, Laura Lippman

Wed, September 1st: Jerry Springer
Thu, September 2nd: Billy Gardell, Anne Heche
Fri, September 3rd: Brooke Shields, DJ Qualls

source: cbs

Monday, July 19, 2010

Craig Ferguson guest list 7/19/10

Mon, July 19th: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mary Lynn Rajskub
Tue, July 20th: America Ferrera, Dan Riskin, Fred MacAulay

Wed, July 21st: Ted Danson, Kevin Pollak
Thu, July 21nd: Michael Clarke Duncan, Daniela Ruah
Fri, July 22nd: Paulina Porizkova, MGMT, Mindy Kaling

source: cbs

Monday, June 28, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest List 6/28/10

Mon, June 28th: Howie Mandel, Jane Adams, Drew Thomas
Tue, June 29th: Carl Reiner, Rebecca Mader, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings

Wed, June 30th: Mindy Kaling & Myron Mixon
Thu, July 1st: Kathy Griffin, Michael Vartan, Alicia Witt
Fri, July 2nd: Angela Kinsey, Dennis Eckersley, Dr Dog

source: cbs

Monday, June 14, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest List

Mon, June 14th: Bradley Whitford & Shelby Lynne
Tue, June 15th: Ice Cube, Stan Lee & Tig Notaro

Wed, June 16th: Saffron Burrows
Thu, June 17th: Virginia Madsen, Chris Hardwick & Justin Currie
Fri, June 18th:

source: cbs
- 6/2/10

Monday, June 7, 2010

Craig Ferguson guest list 6/7/10

Mon, June 7th: Eric Idle & Terry Crews
Tue, June 8th: John Waters & Taraji P. Henson

Wed, June 9th: Kyra Sedgwick & Tom Felton
Thu, June 10th: Wolfgang Puck & Damian Marley with Nas
Fri, June 11th: Denis Leary & John "Hippieman" Novasad

source: cbs

Monday, May 24, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest List 5/24/10

Mon, May 24th: Ben Stein, Mishka & Craig Shoemaker
Tue, May 25th: Kristin Davis & Judd Apatow

Wed, May 26th: Antonio Banderas & Paula Poundstone
Thu, May 27th: Michael Sheen & Band of Horses
Fri, May 28th: Jeffrey Ross & The National

source: cbs

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Craig Ferguson 4/20/9A Late Late show WONDERFUL beginning

Craig and his merry gang perform Fatboy Slim's "Wonderful Night" oldy but certainly a goodie. *sigh* Good times!

A) beginning
B) show & tell
C) sketches
D) Simon Cowell chat
E) Erin McCarley performs
F) ending

According to YT, this video is blocked in Germany...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

RIP Malinky2Stoatir 11/14/8-5/19/10

The channel lasted so long, we started to think it was a permanent fixture. But we all knew it could happen...yes, the giant house of Craig-vids, built on shaky ground, came tumbling down on May 19, 2010 at 2:10pm EST. Little did we know that the little channel Malinky started for shits & giggles would become so big & important.


YouTube has a 3 strike rule...your channel is shut down after the 3rd strike. Ironically, it was only the last strike that was in itself warranted but still bullshit.

Strike One: 16 second clip of the Sandra Bullock movie "The Blind Side."
Warner Brothers went out of their way to contact YouTube specifically about the video which contained a clip and Craig chatting with Sandra, who was there to promote the film. So I learned about the 7 second rule but I would have gladly accepted an advert for the movie or any other WB movie but it was not offered.

Strike Two: 10 monologues yanked. 20th Century Fox specifically wrote to YT about these monologues because "they MAY contain copyright material belonging to..." After watching the clips with a fine tooth comb, I was infuriated by this as TCF had no appropriate claim for content contained within those monologues. Sadly, with the position I am in, I could not fight those claims as the material I'm speaking for is not owned by me. This incident worried me as it seemed to be the work of something other than copyrights...

Strike Three: Part b of an episode of The Drew Carey Show. Again Warner Brothers specifically wrote to YT requesting the removal of part 2. This by far is the most interesting claim as there are many clips that came before my posting and many came after.

I could have warned everyone once the 2nd strike came in but chose against publicly announcing the news as that would leave the channel open to all sorts of hater nastiness but also panic within the Robot Skeleton Army & Craig fans on YouTube. I could imagine quite a few freaking out and downloading, living moment to moment, not sure if the channel would be there that one day. Instead, there was only one person who had to deal with such feelings. So although I was prepared for it to all disappear, it was not any easier when the blow arrived.

Needless to say I was crushed over the loss of so many great clips, episodes and memorable comments. Like losing any large collection, I am left with images & memories of what it contained but no certainty to remember it all...ever. Like in death, I found myself mourning...still am a bit and probably will for a while longer.

The good news is I have 99.99% of what was originally posted.
The bad news is not every clip & episode will be reposted.
So we can rebuild a library even greater than it was before because the selected clips will be the best ones that stuck in our memories.

I will announce a specific "request time" shortly. It is during this time and only this specific time period announced, will I accept requests...on both Twitter and YouTube. I was bombarded with clip/ep requests on a regular basis before and now there's just a constant waterfall of queries and suggestions. From the submitted requests I will make a list and do my best to find & post with the information provided. So keep in mind, if you have a fav'd clip, the information is still in your favs, despite it not showing on your channel. You can cut & paste said info into a twit or email and send it off to me during a request time. Request times will be announced ahead of time so everyone is aware. I will gladly fulfill requests when I have the time, so you must be patient.

I must admit that although the channel is gone, it is wondrous how it's legacy lives on. I've been seeing links in my bird feeder and the feeling in my heart I get when I see one of my old clips up is indescribable. I can tell right away whether it's a M2S clip through 2 different fingerprints...and it makes me smile. Why? Because all that work did not necessarily go in vain. I was thankful to see peeps posting clips and rebuilding. This made me so happy because my original mission was to spread the word of Craig's humor around the world and it continues on, despite the original channel's demise.

I highly doubt Malinky2Stoatir will ever return. It took almost 2 days for YT to take it down completely, as there were so many clips in it's library to remove...this emotional metaphor still makes me well up.

I can't explain how painful it was to read the sad tweets that blanketed my monitor. At times it was way too much on top of my own feelings of frustration and sadness. I wish I could have responded to all your comments as some hit close to home and others made me giggle in their lack-luster selfishness. With where my head was at during that time, it was best I just kept quiet. I had nothing nice to say...

The idea of Craig or CBS or WWP being able to do anything is lovely but not exactly true. The content on the channel was not all owned by CBS or WWP. And even if they did, I believe there is a bit of legal mumbo jumbo that would get in the way. If the channel were to resurface it would be a fucking miracle...

So tonight we bid farewell to the pleasantry that is the Malinky2Stoatir YouTube channel. In it's 18 month life time, a library was built of 1,965 clips, 16,285 subscribers, 2,999,493 channel views, 27,435,614 uploaded video views. I utilized the channel just as much as any other fan. She was there when you needed a quick fix or if you wanted to spend the entire day on the couch catching up on or rewatching episodes. She leaves behind a blazing trail of memories in Craigy-ness. She will be sorely missed...but never forgotten.

And so, we rebuild... TVsCraigFerguson
Stay tuned!

Very Truly Yours in Craigness,
Malinky I. Stoatir
RSA General

Monday, May 10, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest list 5/10/10

Mon, May 10th: Russell Crowe & Wilco
Tue, May 11th: Melina Kanakaredes, Tom Lennon and Jonsi

Wed, May 12th: Bryan Cranston & Angela Kinsey
Thu, May 13th: Robert Downey Jr & Dave Barry
Fri, May 14th: Amanda Seyfried & Isabel Allende

Source: cbs

Monday, May 3, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest List 5/3/10

Mon, May 3rd: Morgan Freeman & Kate Mara
Tue, May 4th: Andy Garcia & Donald Glover

Wed, May 5th: Scarlett Johansson & Seth MacFarlane
Thu, May 6th: Mark Harmon, Sophia Bush & Local Natives
Fri, May 7th: Kaley Cuoco, Steven Wright & Matt Baetz

Source: cbs

Monday, April 19, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest List 4/19/10

Mon 4/19: Brendan Fraser, Amanda Righetti & Brian Scott McFadden
Tue 4/20: Emily Mortimer & David Simon
Wed 4/21: Brooke Shields, George Wallace & Corinne Bailey Ray
Thu 4/22: Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Busy Philipps
Fri 4/23: Drew Carey & Jason Aldean

Source: cbs

Monday, March 29, 2010

Craig Ferguson guest list 3/29/10

Mon, March 29th: Joel McHale & Ben McKenzie
Tue, March 30th: Greg Kinnear & Amanda Righetti

Wed, March 31st: Wanda Sykes & Anna Torv
Thu, April 1st: Robin Williams & Jonathan Dancy
Fri, April 2nd: John Corbett & Joss Stone

Source: cbs

Friday, March 19, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest List 3/22/10

Mon, March 22nd: John Cusack & Wolfgang Puck
Tue, March 23rd: Jay Baruchel & Regis Philbin

Wed, March 24th: Jonah Hill, Emily Procter & Mishka
Thu, March 25th: tba
Fri, March 26th: tba

Source: cbs

Monday, March 8, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest List 3/8/10

Mon, March 8th: Isaac Mizrahi
Tue, March 9th: Lisa Kudrow & Adhir Kalyan

Wed, March 10th: Dominic Monaghan & Lindsay Sloane
Thu, March 11th: Holly Hunter & Ryan Bingham
Fri, March 12th: George Hamilton & Mike Massimino

Source: cbs

Monday, March 1, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest List 3/1/10

Mon, March 1st: Lauren Graham, Simon Helberg
Tue, March 2nd: Steven Wright, Mitch Albom
Wed, March 3rd: Michael Sheen, Amy Ryan
Thu, March 4th: Garry Shandling, Sonya Walger
Fri, March 5th: Dax Shepard, Regina Spektor

source: cbs

Monday, February 22, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest List 2/22/10

Mon, Feb 22nd: Parker Posey & Tom Everett Scott
Tue, Feb 23rd: Stephen Fry
Wed, Feb 24th: Don Cheadle & Jeanette Walls
Thu, Feb 25th: Jackie Collins & Sean William Scott
Fri, Feb 26th: Quentin Tarantino

source: cbs

Monday, February 15, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest List 2/15/10

Mon Feb. 15th: Colin Firth & Amanda Righetti
Tue Feb. 16th: Matt Lucas
Wed Feb. 17th: Helena Bonham Carter & Sinbad
Thu Feb. 18th: Jimmie Johnson
Fri Feb. 19th: Jennifer Tilly & Peter Sagal

source: cbs

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Malinky and the stalker

WARNING: The Tweetybird has indicated that I cuss like a drunken sailor. With this post, I feel it may be necessary to give you a head's up that it may contain a wee bit foul language...

Recently, some of you may have noticed that I stopped posting the show. This was brought about by what can only be described as...a stalker. This wasn't a bully, or someone just harassing me but a fucking stalker in the truest sense. I have stalkers and I'm fine with that as the internet just seems to promote the concept but this person was in my face, following me where ever I went on the net.

Here's what happened in a nut shell without the drama: "She" stole my vids and got pissed when I busted her. I posted a comment on the video that the original was on my channel and if the poster likes videos they should favorite them instead of reposting them as their own because it degenerates the quality. She didn't like this and created a video(s) stating I harassed her. None of it made sense because her video indicated exactly my point but didn't exactly show I was bothering her, as she claimed. She then opened another account to pretend to be me...stealing both my profile content and some LLS videos. When I busted her a second time, she created very aggressive videos with content that was most unbecoming, all the while using my profile pictures and name... If you pay attention to me any, you'd know that I can scrap if necessary and don't back down easily. So when she trashed my name, I could give a rat's ass. Use Craig's picture in a negative fashion and I see red. I had to stop commenting, posting, etc in order to figure things out...

I didn't want to walk away, but did only because I thought it was best.

I am truly overwhelmed by the responses of kind words in support, love, pleas, confusion, anger and devotion...with a splash of song dedications. I've really never had this sort of experience before and it made the situation all the more harder to deal with. If people didn't care, it would have been much easier to walk away...but some of you did. No, a lot of you did. Some of you cared so much you did your best to have these evil videos removed. This was a most meaningful gesture and I greatly appreciated it.

Thank you for your loyalties and kind words of support. If it weren't for them, I would have been gone... When I started posting Craig's show, it was never about me but about the humor of His Chattiness spreading across the land and around the world. I've worked very hard to make it all about him but apparently some of you have managed to obtain an affection towards me. I take this as a great honor but know you are all Craig's fans. I'm very thankful my hobby has managed not only to spread Craig but has also created a world-wide community of his fans. As a fan of Craig's, this makes my heart swell... I can't allow some silly cow to kill that. The point being that there was way more love than hate and therefore I see no reason why I shouldn't continue forward...

BUT PLEASE NOTE: I don't want to discuss this drama anymore. I don't want to give this person any more attention than they deserve. I can't allow such a situation to slow down this train's momentum any further. We all seem to be working hand in hand, to protect the channel and we should continue as such. If you see something like this again on YouTube, I suggest you block the ch and flag the video, as I plan to do. I will do my best not to respond to her nasty comments of nonsense and I request that you do the same. But then again, can you really play by my rules? I can't even play by my own rules all the time.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest List 1/18/10

Mon, Jan 18th: Marion Cotillard & Steve Jones
Tue, Jan 19th: Alan Alda & Anna Kendrick
Wed, Jan 20th: Keri Russell & Jake Johannsen
Thu, Jan 21st: Adam Goldberg & Abbie Cornish
Fri, Jan 22nd: Mythbusters & Hotrats
source: cbs

Monday, January 11, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest List 1/11/10

Will we see puppets in 2010?

Mon, Jan 11th: Mila Kunis & Nellie McKay

Tue, Jan 12th: Carey Mulligan & Paula Poundstone

Wed, Jan 13th: Richard Lewis & Amber Valletta

Thu, Jan 14th: Julie Andrews & Vampire Weekend

Fri, Jan 15th: Tom Lennon, Shiri Appleby & Luke Bryan

Planned future guests: Marion Cotillard, Steve Jones, Alan Alda, Anna Kendrick, Adam Goldberg, Abbie Cornish, Keri Russell, Jake Johannsen, Carl Reiner, Eddie Izzard, Rosie O'Donnell, Jon Heder, Corinne Bailey Rae.

Sources: CBS & On Camera Audiences
Updated 1/11 @ 4:05p est