Thursday, December 31, 2009

Craig Ferguson Guest List 1/4/10

Mon, Jan 4th: Rosie Perez & Switchfoot

Tue, Jan 5th: Patricia Heaton, Carey Mulligan & Yonder Mountain String Band

Wed, Jan 6th: Ray Romano & Nellie McKay

Thu, Jan 7th: Steven Wright & Michelle Monaghan

Fri, Jan 8th: Jason Segel & Shiri Appleby

source: cbs

Monday, November 2, 2009

Craig Ferguson's Guest List

Mon, Nov. 2nd: Billy Connolly, George Eads & Jack Ingram
Tue, Nov. 3rd: Valerie Bertinelli & Dave Barry
Wed, Nov. 4th: Mo'Nique & Stephen Fry
Thu, Nov. 5th: Denis Leary & Jena Malone
Fri, Nov. 6th: Ewan McGregor & Regina Spektor

Source: CBS

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Craig Ferguson's Guest List

Mon, Oct. 26th: Sherri Shepherd & Alex Dryden
Tue, Oct. 27th: Alicia Silverstone & Salman Rushdie
Wed, Oct. 28th: Madeleine Albright & Rodrigo y Gabriela
Thu, Oct. 29th: Newt Gingrich & Jessalyn Gilsig
Fri, Oct. 30th: Lauren Graham & Fruit Bats

Source: CBS

Friday, September 25, 2009

Craig Ferguson NYC Book Signing

American on Purpose
Book reading & signing
Barnes & Noble book Store
New York City
September 24, 2009

Arriving at the Barnes & Noble Book Store in Union Square at 4:30ish, my hands were full and I as anxious as I can possibly be. As I walked into the seating area, I was instantly embraced with Craig love. It was really weird, like a Star Wars convention. Here we were all meeting for one common purpose and you could feel it in the room.

I had received a tweet earlier in the day that someone was saving a seat for me. Not someone I know personally but who was offering a kind gesture. The room was was a bit crowded so I started looking for a seat. I don't know what anyone looks like and no one knows what I look like, amongst other things, so that complicated things. I noticed a group of chairs in the first row with no one sitting but a dude fixing some jewelries and a lovely older doll trying to read. I started a game of 20 questions with them and realized that there was a seat indeed waiting for me right in front. I was so shocked by the gesture I thought I was misunderstanding it...for the first few minutes I was jumpy, waiting for the real seat owners to return and give me a piece of their mind.

To my surprise, the very lovely Corp Heidi returned and introduced herself. A very kind die-hard Craig Addict Supreme that I will forever be indebted to for being so considerate. The gesture made me feel quite special and placed me right up front, within feet of His Chattiness. I suspect we'll meet again Corp Heidi...

As the room filled up, a tiny woman approached the microphone on the stage. On her tippy toes, she announced that more people have come than expected. She strongly suggested we all not hold seats for those who weren't in the building. B&N employees started moving around shelves of books and adding rows and rows of seating. Oh my...

From the corner of my eye, I noticed someone that I recognized. There was only one person on the net that I know what they looked lik, so I approached her, looking to make a total fool of myself. Phew...It was indeed my good buddy, Lip Syncing Scot! She wasn't seated too far away and came to join us for some Craig-socialization.

The little group I sat with was quite interesting and most pleasant. All exchanged stories of our favorite show moments and some chatted about the Tweet-A-Thon that occured 2 days before. Ahhh yes, the wonderous Tweet-A-Thon! There was still some pride beaming even 36 hours after Craig was done trending on Twitter.

I found the TAT quite the endearing experience. So many Craig fans joining together to bring the King of Late Night to trending status on Twitter, a form of popularity on that site. The tweets ranged in a variety of verbiage that was loving, but also sharing their favorite popular video clips, pictures, articles and quotes...with a dab of naughtiness in between the cracks. I felt a great pride from the experience in doing a bit of crazy with other Craig Addicts.

There's always one rotten apple in the bunch. At some point, when single seats were filling in, a rickety older gentleman (stay with me) sat down in the second row behind me. He proceeded to flap his gums at me about how he didn't appreciate that I was standing by a group of empty seats. I understood what he was thinking and I immediately explained the people were in the store. I gave him three sentences of assurance in between his ranting accusations of how I thought I was special, or better than anyone else and how I didn't have to follow the rules. Blah, blah, blagh...Creep. I wasn't alone in this battle. Before I knew it there were 4 women yelling at this old flake and I felt the urge to step back. It was starting to get ugly. And he continued on. I solved the situation by giving him a pleasant listening face. He slowly faded like a crap tube radio... It was the mutual feeling of the group seated that this old fart stunk up the place.

A sudden roar of clapping occurred just after 7:00pm. You could feel the giddiness fill the room, like the build up of steam in a warming kettle. He approached the stage and sat as he was introduced.

Craig seemed to be in quite a pleasant mood as his face had a soften look about it. He looked well rested and absolutely delicious. He started to read from a book but it wasn't his. The book was "High on Arrival" by Mackenzie Phillips. After a few sentences, he made his point...that book is full of crazy. Holy Crackers!

Instead, Craig decided to do a small Question and Answer session. A mic was offered and managed to come my way first.
Mal: Are you going to renew your contract?
After an awkward pause
Craig: What contract?
Mal: THE contract for the show
Craig asked if I was with a reporter from the New York Times. I made sure to quickly respond negatively. In Craig fashion, he gave a round about answer and then asked:
Craig: Is that the answer you were looking for?
Mal: It's the answer I expected
Craig then proceeded to answer honestly, stating that they were in negotiations.

Another question asked if there would be Killer Duck puppets on the show, fashioned after his bad childhood acid experience. I believe his answer was "I dunno."

Another question asked if there were going to be any more obscure songs used in the puppet song sketches. That is when he let on that another song with the puppets was being planned. We pressed him to reveal but he denied us in an attempt not to spoil the surprise. He suggested we would see it next week.

Another person had a comment, not a question. They said they were going through some heavy changes in their life but no matter the horrid day they've had full of stress, they are certain to end the day with a chuckle...allowing all the day's badness to drift away. Craig seemed to take this comment to heart. At this time Craig explained that there are days he doesn't feel like or want to do the show but once he gets in front of the camera, that feeling goes away... He promised that he would no longer continue to do the show if he didn't feel good doing it. I whole heartedly agreed with this with a positive verbal response.

At this event, those who know me on the net, that got to meet me, may have realized why I use ellipses so much in my comments...I'm quite Chatty and have a lot on my mind. I found myself somewhat annoying during the Q&A because I was verbally responding to some of Craig's comments. It was so bad, I had to keep trying to stop myself. It's not my fault. I'm used to Craig being on tele and tend to speak to the set when I watch The Late Late Show. It is what it is... I just pray I didn't make too much a fool of myself.

Another person stood up and told Craig that she sleeps with him every night and asked if she could hook her husband up with Megan, Craig's wife.
Craig: Let me get this straight. You get to watch me on television while your husband gets to screw my wife?
And then someone shouted out "yeah, but she'd be saying your name, Craig!"

It was certainly a good crowd indeed. I believe we made Craig feel right at home because he was his usual, uncensored self. No tie=cussing Craig

My mind is a bit like swiss cheese right now so please forgive me if I've missed something. There were a few questions and I honestly can't remember them all. I'm not even sure I heard them all...

After the Q&A session, which Craig admitted he was enjoying, we were lined up in precise order. We were given strict orders of no flash pictures, no conversations & no signing of anything but the book...but as many copies of the book as we liked. Yikes! I was one of the lucky first few on the stage.

Same handsome face, but skinnier since we last met face to face.
Warm, lovely hands as usual, without a smidge of roughness from the bouts of drumming a couple of months ago.
We exchanged a few revealing, kind words and before I knew it, I was leaving the stage.
The rest of the time after, as Craig continued to sign hundreds of books, we hung around the store, chatting each other up with our signing experiences.

It was really such a pleasant time but for Mister Waving Fist Crank-A-Lot, who apparently was denying the Craig love that was flowing throughout the room. It was fun meeting some tweeps, YT users and even some good ol fashioned viewers. Perhaps I'll be lucky enough for our paths to cross again.

Thank you.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Craig acknowledged by Emmy...

He wasn't nominated nor presenting...I'd feel pretty cocky to bet that he's not there.
Lo and behold, Craig was acknowledged on the Emmy Awards show by appearing in one of their many brilliant montages...

This is for those who couldn't believe their eyes the first time it flashed before them and for those across the pond who may be curious as to what the fuss and muss is about.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Craig Ferguson Tweet-a-thon September 22nd!

THE PLAN: Get Craig Ferguson recognition from a whole new audience of internet users.

WHO: Our favorite Scottish late night cheeky monkey

WHAT: The Tweet-a-Thon via twitter

WHEN: Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 (the release day of American on Purpose)

WHERE: Everywhere internet is available! Your desktop, laptop, cell phone, blackberry, etc etc.

WHY: Because we love him!

HOW: Starting at 12:00AM (your local time), start tweeting everything and anything about Craig Ferguson. Include #CRAIGFERGUSON in all of your tweets on that day, no matter their content. Preferably, post links to The Late Late Show, Craig's movies, book reviews, pictures, and so on. Just be sure to include #craigferguson in everything (exactly as you see it here)

This thoughtful project was coordinated by Twitter user LipSyncingScot, and I know that if you want more information, look her up via twitter and she will be happy to oblige.

This lovely clip was created by the awesome n39smm
subscribe & let her know what you think
Song is called Final Hour by X Ray Dogs/Night Hounds

PLEASE PASS THE WORD ON, like you would share one of his funny clips...
Send this to everyone you know, post links, POST BLOGS, bombard them all! (But give credit please :) This took a really long time to do, despite what you might otherwise think)

See you all on Tweet-a-Thon Tuesday!

Craig Ferguson: How Far He's Come...

Oh how far His Chattiness has come
On more levels than one...
This is a lovely little diddy I wanted to share
Whether you are an old skool fan, a newbie
or someting in between...
This fanvid will warm your hearts & minds
Delighting on how far Craig has come...

This fanvid is by the lovely warning05
If you like this video, please be a dear and let her know
Do comment on her channel or on the video
And if you wanna see some more be sure to subscribe.

YT tried to stop this video from airing due to WMG's rights to the tune.

Dear Malinky: Craig's new tattoo

From: nottodayimsleeping
Date: Sep 16, 2009

Hey, been following your videos of Craig for a while now. Thought I'd update you on a show I went to the recording of today.

Monologue was mostly about Guinness and how it was bi-sexual something or other day. So Craig meshed it into a bi-sexual leprechaun. And then he recorded the intro and talked about "the future".

Guests were Jennifer Love Hewitt (they have a talk about youtube and Craig talks about the videos of him up there - won't say more incase I spoil it. ;) ) Next he had Ken Tucker on talking about Fall TV. Was good.

And! He recorded an interview with Mitch Albom for use at some point in the future.

Anyway, as I posted on twitter to you. Craig has a new tattoo dedicated to his mother. He said he had one already for his dad and he could hear his mum going "Oooh thats a lovely tattoo you have for you DAD!". So he felt he had to even it out. So he got one for his mum, it was a Celtic Cross with a Latin phrase that meant think strong. I couldn't remember what it was in Latin sadly.

And! He said he's thinking of one more. Like one of the old Civil War woodcuttings of a snake cut into 13 pieces for the 13 states. And underneath it, it will say "Join or Die". Then he have the cutest smile ever and said: "You know why I get these? Cos when I'm getting changed in my room and putting on my shirt, I see these tattoos and I remind myself: That I'm not their bitch." It was awesome to see Craig just talking to everyone and being funny without the cameras.

...keep up the good work for keeping me up to date with Craig when I go back home.

Thanks. :D

Sep 18, 2009

Anyway, all they say about the youtube stuff is Craig laments that videos of him only get about 1000 or so hits but a pigeon with it's foot stuck in gum gets 15,000,000.
So it was good talk.

And! Now that the fog has cleared, pretty sure the tattoo says "Magnanimus esto" which is the latin motto on his mother's family crest and means "Be great of mind".

PSS: Sep 19, 2009

It's on his left arm, on the bicep just below the shoulders. The one for his Dad is on his right shoulder.

Craig Ferguson on The Price is Right

Craig Ferguson visits to help out his buddy, Drew Carey, with The Price is Right...
I'm still going to watch the show when it airs. If there is more to his appearance, I'll do my best to post it.

source: cbs

9/21/9 Update:
After watching the episode I find there wasn't much more but I did indeed post my own.

Craig Ferguson 10/31/8C Late Late Show sketch #1 & email XD

Sean Connery reads from his autobiography & Craig reads viewer email...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Craig Ferguson 10/31/8B Late Late Show MONOLOGUE

Craig's Show & Tell: Don't forget to turn your c*ck, Halloween in LA and a fun sized know what Daddy likes.

This clip wasn't accepted by YT. I'm freaking out, so don't ask.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Late Late Show weekend?

If you live in the area, you might wanna take advantage of this...

Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 1:15:14 PM
Subject: The Late Late Show this Saturday!

This Saturday, August 29th, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is taping their first HD episode and we need your help!!

The good news is that this is our first weekend taping ever and it will include a stand-up comedy segment and a music segment with Spencer Day. The bad news is that Craig Ferguson WILL NOT be at the taping. However, in return for helping us out and attending the taping this Saturday we will give you and your party a priority ticket to any taping of The Late Late Show in the month of September. To redeem this offer, simply use the link below and request a ticket for this Saturday. When you arrive you will turn your ticket in to our coordinator and we will then email you with a priority ticket for the date of your choice in September!

The arrival time this Saturday is 3:30 and the taping will last until approximately 6:30. For more information and to print a free ticket, please use the following link:


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Craig Ferguson's Guest List

This is a preliminary schedule & planned future guests...
I will post changes as I get word of them.

Monday, Aug 31st: Emily Deschanel & Terry Crews
Tuesday, Sept 1st: Quentin Tarantino & Jason Ritter
Wednesday, Sept 2nd: Mila Kunis & Alex Dryden
Thursday, Sept 3rd: TBD
Friday, Sept 4th: Radha Mitchell & DJ Qualls

Planned guests:
Actors: Juliette Lewis, Alex O'Loughlin, Neil Patrick Harris, Danny DeVito, Audrey Tautou, Kate Beckinsale, Mindy Kaling
Game show host: Drew Carey
Performance: Spencer Day

source: CBS
updated: 8/27/9

Monday, August 10, 2009

Craig Ferguson's Guest List

Jennifer Tilly 4/1/9

Mon, August 10th: Carrot Top & Alexis Bledel

Tues, August 11th: Mitch Albom & Bonnie Raitt w/Taj Mahal

Wed, August 12th: Eric Bana & Holly Williams

Thurs, August 13th: Jon Cryer

Fri, August 14th: Liza Minnelli & Dr. Kara Cooney

Monday, August 3, 2009

Craig Ferguson has no desire to move...

A subject that has been of debate amongst fans of Craig Ferguson and The Late Late Show...I doubt this is the last we'll hear of the saga, but it's good to get Craig's point of view. His contract negotiations should be underway soon...
Craig Ferguson said he has no great desire to move to 11:30 p.m. and eventually replace David Letterman but can see himself in the late night genre for years to come...."I don't have the ambition to be in that time slot."

"I don't want to be poor but, then again, I don't want to be rich just to the extent of having to keep my job," he said.
My fingers are crossed for speedy negotiations & contract renewal.

Can you handle another 5 years, baby...PLEASE?!?!?!


Craig Ferguson: Licensed Pilot!

Congratulations to His Chattiness, Mister Craig Ferguson, for obtaining his private pilot's license. This has been in the making for sometime, as fans of Craig's and the Late Late show have been following his adventures through flying lessons. We're so very proud of you baby!

"I'd like to announce I got my pilot's license on Friday of last week. I tell you why I love aviation. Because it is the complete opposite of show business. In show business you bulls---t, you bulls---t, you bulls---t and that's what you do and that's how you get ahead. In aviation you bulls---t, you f---in' die."


Craig Ferguson is going HD!!!! It's FINALLY official...

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 3 - Starting on Monday, Aug. 31, CBS will begin broadcasting THE LATE LATE SHOW with CRAIG FERGUSON in high definition. That evening will also mark the debut of a new show opener, featuring Craig Ferguson in several iconic Los Angeles locations, scored to an updated version of the current show theme song. THE LATE LATE SHOW with CRAIG FERGUSON airs weeknights (12:37-1:37 AM, ET/PT) following broadcasts of the "Late Show with David Letterman" on CBS. THE LATE LATE SHOW is executive produced by Peter Lassally.
CBS Press Release!

A sneak peak pic of the new opening...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Craig Ferguson's Guest List

Mon July 27th: Chelsea Handler, Richard Wolffe & Gavin DeGraw
Tuesday, July 28th: Christiane Amanpour & Johnny Galecki
Wednesday, July 29th: Toni Collette & Rodney Carrington
Thursday, July 30th: James Spader & Rose Byrne
Friday, July 31st: Saffron Burrows

Planned Future Guests...
Actors: Edie Falco, Tony Shalhoub, Minka Kelly, Sigourney Weaver
Adventurer: Les Stroud
Comedy: Don Rickles, Lisa Landry
News Anchors: Wolf Blitzer
Peformance: Glasvegas, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings


Craig Ferguson on The Hour

Canadian television (CBC) has a chat show called The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos. George has a feature on his show called "Best Story Ever." Craig is infamous for telling a good story and was a perfect addition for the show's segment.

No embedding code, so you need to click on Craig's picture above to link to the video clip. At just over 2 minutes, it is Craig in the raw...just like sushi. As with sushi, Craig in the raw is dangerous & rich but still quite tasty

...and there's no CBS, I mean MSG!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Craig Ferguson's Guest List

Monday, July 20th: Margaret Cho, Michael Lewis & Eric Church
Tuesday, July 21st: Gerard Butler & Jacki Collins
Wednesday, July 22nd: Kelly Rowland & Jim Breuer
Thursday, July 23rd: Cheryl Hines & Ben Mezrich
Friday, July 24th: Rashida Jones, Jose Andres & Dobie Maxwell

Planned future guests...
Comedy: Chelsea Handler, Lisa Landry
Writers: Richard Wolffe
Performance: Gavin DeGraw, Rodney Carrington, Franz Ferdinand
Journalists: Christiane Amanpour,
Actors: Johnny Galecki, James Spader, Rose Byrne, Saffron Burrows, Edie Falco
Adventurer: Les Stroud


Craig Ferguson celebrates SpongeBob's 10th

Many of you have requested the SpongeBob special called "Square Roots: The Story of SpongeBob Squarepants." I've located it but I'm not so sure the channel viewers, who are located outside the country, will be able to view it. I don't watch the cartoon but thoroughly enjoyed the special. Please do comment and let me know if you are or are not able to view the footage...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Craig's 2 cents on Brian & LC

In case you're interested...
Here's the clip of Craig on Family Guy. Enjoy!

Craig Ferguson's guest list

Monday, July 13th: Selma Blair & Connie Schultz
Tuesday, July 14th: John Larroquette & Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings
Wednesday, July 15th: Rosie Perez & Alan Furst
Thursday, July 16th: Isaac Mizrahi & Shohreh Aghdashloo
Friday, July 17th: Mike Massimino & Ray LaMontagne

Planned Future Guests
Comedy: Margaret Cho, Dobie Maxwell
Writers: Michael Lewis, Jackie Collins, Ben Mezrich

Performance: Franz Ferdinand, Kelly Rowland
Actors: Gerard Butler, Cheryl Hines
Cookery: Jose Andres
People: Paris Hilton

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Malinky on Twitter...say what?!?!?!?

My first tweet:

I can't believe I'm here on the tweety... You bastards! Now how do I do this??!?! #craigferguson

If you are interested, please feel free to follow me.
I honestly don't know if I'll say anything but you never, ever know...
Perhaps I'll find some old use for it!


Craig Ferguson in HD? Hogwash!

I hate rumors. I especially hate rumors when it's about something I really want. Many fans of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson have been waiting, ever so patiently for CBS to get it's arse in gear, and start broadcasting the show in High Definition.

Recently, Craig made a comment pertaining to the likability of his suit and how he would wear it again in August. The studio audience laughed heartily yet the viewers were left confused. I personally summed it up to Craig being Craig and the viewers will find out what's going on eventually. One of my channel viewers emailed when they came across a blog, something along the lines of Craig spilling the beans about the show going to HD in August. Upon my own research, I came across a couple of posts by one user:
I was in the studio audience last night (taping 7/8 for 7/9) and Craig informally announced (off camera) that the LLS was taping ahead for August so that the studio (probably studio infrastructure) could be changed over to HD and not miss shows.
Sure, I got excited. Especially with all the other talk on the board about how there are HD cameras in Craig's studio already. But then I thought: Wouldn't such delicious news be running rampant through the Craig blog-o-sphere, besides comments from one user? There are only about 110 seats in the studio audience. He does have to tape some interviews ahead of time for a variety of reasons. But also, Craig does enjoy telling a lie and sometimes people mistake it as the truth if they don't know the signs to look for. I want to believe so much that it's certainly true, but I can't get my hopes up. It means too much to me to be disappointed...but wouldn't it be great if it were true?!?!!? No confirmation on a variety of attempts so far. Well, we'll just have to wait and see...which is mostly what you do as a fan of the show.

Then last night I received a lovely email from another channel viewer, koldkow, Re: August--
Hey Malinky,

Just thought you'd like to know:
I went to the Thursday taping and we all laughed at the August comment during the ending because he pre-taped an interview segment with Don Rickles, who was absolutely fantastic. It's going to air on August 7. Truly an honor to see one of the comedy greats. Craig had to help him up and down the steps to the couch, and Rickles made fun of a few of the audience members.

In my opinion, Don Rickles being a future guest is fabulous news! Craig in HD come August? Hogwash! I'll believe it, when I see it! Needless to say my eyes (and ears) are hungry...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ferguson & Lockhart: The Independence Jig Is Up!

Marc Hirsh of the Boston Globe, reviews the night's festivities...
"...emcee Craig Ferguson, himself recently repurposed from Scotsman to American citizen. As the Pops snarled through “I’m Shipping Up To Boston,’’ he and Lockhart offered a step-dance so entertainingly terrible that the stage manager couldn’t help but imitate them from the wings."

Craig Ferguson 2009 Independence Day PT5

FINALLY!!!! As it was suppose to original post...
(remember the first time you click, an ad will appear--ignore it and go back to the blog page and click the vid arrow again and the film will start)

Shatner on Ferguson

From the January 7, 2009 episode of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
(remember the first time you click, an ad will appear--ignore it and go back to the blog page and click the vid arrow again and the film will start)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Next week's guests...

I don't normally post this until the starting of the week, but I figured we all need a little something to look forward to and get excited over...and in my opinion, there's plenty!

Monday, July 6: Eric Idle & Dr. Lisa Masterson

Tuesday, July 7: Evan Rachel Wood & Christopher Gorham

Wednesday, July 8: Julie Chen, Michael Ian Black & Will Dailey

Thursday, July 9: Jeff Goldblum & Jackie Collins

Friday, July 10: Ray Romano & Michael Buble

Planned future guests: Connie Schultz, John Larroquette, Minka Kelly, Mike Massimino, Isaac Mizrahi, and Shohreh Aghdashloo

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Craig Ferguson in Germany

Craig Ferguson and Matt Baetz have been making their rounds with the USO, performing their comedy for troops on army bases in Kosovo and Germany.

Cody and Megan were lucky to catch Craig's comedy in Germany and kind enough to share it with the rest of us...what's more? I'll tells ya what's more! They've also posted a wee clip of Craig doing his thing. Living in Germany, I wonder how or where they watch Craig...*cough*
Be sure to check out their blog "Live From Germany" to see the goods!

Thanks to indy7888 for their contribution.

Craig Ferguson in Maybe This Time

From 1995-1996, Craig Ferguson played baker Logan McDonough, in the comedy "Maybe This Time." This episode: "Beasy Body" Season 1, Episode 6; Original air date: October 28, 1995 Also starring: Betty White, Marie Osmond & Guest Starring Cloris Leachman.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Craig Ferguson on The Price is Right

What is the retail value of having your friend work one floor above you? PRICELESS! Craig Ferguson stops by Drew Carey's dressing room at The Price is Right.

It seems Craig may have been lurking the halls of TPIR more often than usual last week. On June 22nd, Craig stopped by to record an episode for the 38th Season premiere of the long running US game show. The episode is due to air September 21st. The next day Craig dropped by again (see photo). What's so damn funny guys?!?!?!!?


Monday, June 29, 2009

Craig Ferguson USO Tour!

Craig Ferguson and Matt Baetz do their service for our country by entertaining the troops! The two comedians are visiting US troops on Army bases in Kosovo and Germany from June 26th through July 2nd. The guys have the troops rolling...

I'm certainly a proud fan! Perhaps even beaming.

Craig entertains the troops in
Baumholder, Germany on June 28th (above photo by Fred Greaves).

Monday, June 22, 2009

This Week's Guests...

Monday, June 22nd: Marion Cotillard & Michael Musto

Tuesday, June 23rd: Jim Parsons & James Frey

Wednesday, June 24th: Mary Steenburgen, Bettye LaVette & Todd Sawyer

Thursday, June 25th: Larry David & Wolfgang Puck

Friday, June 26th: Lisa Kudrow, Alan Furst & Chairlift

source: CBS Press Release

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lynch's Best-Dressed list

During the Julia Ormond interview last night, David Lynch's 10 Best-Dressed 2008 list was mentioned. I thought some of you would like to see it but also see Craig's competition...

4. Craig Ferguson: The braw Scotsman works from such a confined palette, yet he paints such broad strokes. I never understand what he’s saying, but his rumpled suit says, "unpredictable, esoteric, a little bit creepy ... Remind you of anyone?"

Clearly, someone is a fan!
Please do check out the source as Mr. Lynch maintains his standards and doesn't disappoint.


Celebrating the 4th for a 3rd Year in a Row!

Great News! Craig will be celebrating Independence Day with the Boston Pops for a 3rd year in a row! This is wonderful news for US fans who will get to see the broadcast live on CBS. I've enjoyed the last 2 years watching the fireworks 'with Craig' and I was hoping to make it a tradition. It is indeed a great day for America, everybody...


Monday, June 15, 2009

Maybe This Time...

During an interview last week with Dane Cook, Craig mentioned a show called "Maybe This Time" which he starred in with Dane, along with Betty White and Marie Osmond. The show ran for just over a season on ABC in 1995-1996.

I do have a few episodes from this show, which I acquired through YouTube last year. Sadly, the channel was sucked into the YT black hole and the uploader seems weary to repost them, despite my begging and pleading. I haven't begged in a while, so I'll have to put that on my to-do list. In the meantime, I have been scouring the intergoogles in search of any more eps...

So, I know some of you are very excited but I'm quite weary to post them for a variety of reasons, some of which include: the crappy quality, some sound is out of sync and the fact that some episodes aren't so good. What if ABC, or it's proper owners are shutting down people who post these clips? I wouldn't think so, but since I've been posting episodes of the Late Late Show on YouTube, I have experienced some pretty whacky incidences of blocking due to copyright infringement.

Perhaps you've noticed, but every time Craig does an episode of "Murder She Wrote 2009" I have to take the title page out, otherwise, YT picks it up and blocks the video. Despite the original show's age and no longer being aired in primetime, I found this rather cheeky. So, you see, it's a tricky business this YT uploading....

I have considered this totally worthy as a Craig Vacation Treat, so I have 2 weeks to make my decision as to if, when and where I will post an episode. Sadly, I don't even have the funniest one I've seen, but the eps I have do involve Craig and I have to admit he looks mighty tasty. I can't leave you hanging, so I've included some photos, which shows the poor quality of the footage but also what a 1995 Craig looks like, before The Drew Carey Show and before His Chattiness was crowned.

As usual, I look forward to your comments and suggestions!
I'll keep you posted, my lovelies...

This week's guests...

Monday, June 15: Holly Hunter & Camera Obscura
Tuesday, June 16: Jeff Foxworthy & Gavin DeGraw
Wedensday, June 17: Julia Ormond & Derrick Pitts
Thursday, June 18: Sandra Bullock, David Feldman & Metric
Friday, June 19: Bryan Cranston & Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Planned future guests...
Actors: Marion Cotillard, Jim Parsons, Mary Steenburgen, Larry David, Lisa Kudrow
Cookery: Wolfgang Puck
Comedy: Todd Sawyer
Bettye LaVette, Chairlift
Writers: Michael Musto, James Frey, Alan Furst


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Craig Ferguson: 'I Am King' rantings...

So, this is what put a bug up Craig's ass for Friday's episode of the Late Late Show, starting the 'I am King cuz I say so' rant. We all know the truth, Craig is the King of late night because his viewers and fans named him such, not because CBS announced it.

Clearly NBC is desperate for Conan and Jimmy to do well and this press release is surely a cry for help. They are trying to plant the seed and alter the outcome of the crop...playing "God" if you will. Like a child who pretends to do something great in order to manipulate a parental praise outcome... I believe Conan is not doing as well as they had hoped but then again, he's only been on a couple of weeks. And Jimmy Fallon's critics are not softening their blows. Odd how this press release came out on the heels of the previous ratings release where Craig is beating Jimmy. Hey NBC, everyone is turned off by the smell of desperation...

Craig, you keep on doing what you do baby, keeping that Late Late Show train chugging, cuz we're always at the next stop waiting to go for a ride...and YOU ARE the very King of Late night, so get used to it biatch.

The infamous release...
UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – June 11, 2009 – Conan is the new King of Late Night. "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" was the dominant winner in its first week on the air, delivering huge margins of victory in every ratings category. "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" won the week of June 1-5 with a 2.3 rating in the key measure of adults 18-49, the highest rated week for "The Tonight Show" in more than four years, and a towering 156 percent margin over CBS's "Late Show with David Letterman" in adults 18-49. Even excluding the highly rated premiere show on June 1, Conan won the week with a 1.9 rating among adults 18-49 and by 111 percent over the CBS program (0.9).

special thanks to Knighter86 for their contribution

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hey Malinky - Saw a taping of the LLS last week

Hey Malinky -

Sorry to hear about the power going out and hope Craig reads one of your emails sometime soon!

So last week I was down in LA for a trade show, and made a point to get tickets for myself and some friends to see a taping of the Late Late Show while we were in town. It was a great experience (of course!) and something that you as the YouTube LLS superhero would definitely enjoy.

We saw the 'second taping' on Thursday June 4th, for the "friday" show which aired on June 5th.

A few observations I thought I'd share...

0) the LLS studio is a lot smaller than it looks on TV - no wonder Craig complains... (the studio holds just over a hundred people in the audience, and there's only one 'stage area' (the desk is slid over to the side until after the monologue)

1.) When Craig first comes out he taped the monologue first, then the intro

2.) The intro seemed to be entirely ad-lib, as we heard Craig wondering out loud what he was going to do next, and then after saying he wasn't going to do puppets, he spotted a telephone on a table, grabbed it, and stuck it under the camera and did the whole 'call from Dave' thing on the fly... awesome!

3.) We didn't actually see the segment with comedian Henry Cho get taped - we did get shown an 'aquaman' clip on video (which wasn't part of the broadcast show) but the entire stand up and interview segment with Henry Cho didn't happen during our taping (maybe they did it during the first show taping that day?). The downside to this, was that our taping session did seem a bit 'short' (minus a whole ten minute segment!)

4.) The Chris Kattan interview wasn't edited. You mentioned in your comments that it seemed like a weird edit, but what aired was the entire segment as it was taped. I do agree that interview took a turn for the worse (calling Craig a racist! yikes!) and wonder if it had anything to do with perhaps the last minute guest booking of Kattan. You see, when I ordered the tickets, the CBS site said that the guest was going to be Sean William Scott, and Chris Kattan showed up instead.

5.) The CBS candies are very tasty! (and the warm up guy who tosses them out is pretty funny and is the same guy who plays the london guard during the prince charles segments)

6.) If you are going to go -

6A.) get in line early! We arrived an hour before the taping at 5pm, and there were already a good 20+ people in line ahead of us. We still got good seats, but if you want a shot at being in the part of the audience that sometimes gets seen before they go to commercial break, you need to be there early!

6B.) Bring some canned food for the homeless shelter that's mentioned on the ticketing site. There's a Cost Plus market just down the block from the CBS studios for the 'last minute' canned good purchase (tix to the show taping is free, so you can put that cash you would've spent into helping out a neighborhood charity!)

6C.) Watch out for security if you try to take a picture. After the taping, we went back to our car and tried to take a photo of ourselves outside the CBS studios... before we could say 'cheese' there was a CBS security guard in a golf cart saying they could take the camera away as there's no photography allowed on CBS property - yeesh!

6D.) Bring some money if you want some LLS swag. There's a small stand in front of the waiting area - They don't have a huge range, but there's a so-so T-shirt, a mousepad, a shot glass I think, and a couple of mugs (not the cool snake mug though!) - of course if you're in NYC, I bet you could go to the CBS store next to the Dave Letterman Late Show and find the same stuff.

6E.) and keep your fingers crossed and he may just do a puppet segment during the show that you attend (like the funny Dinosaur eats the Penguin bit as the Friday night ending, which of course I've since added to the "Puppet Power playlist" that I put together for all things puppets on the LLS.

LLS Puppet Power Playlist link -

Anyways, just thought I'd share the experience - thanks again as always for being the best source of LLS's online! Your efforts help me and my friends laugh all week!

- Pest169

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Email to Craig Ferguson

from Malinky Stoatir
date Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 9:54 AM
subject Crack that whip!

Dearest Craig,

Please solve the almost year-long mystery as to why you no longer use the sound effects machine. I miss the whip crack.
Baby, can you please find a new way to whip me?

Love you and the show is great too!

New York, NY (Manhattan)

Notes From Nerdvana: The True King of Late Night

Notes From Nerdvana: The True King of Late Night

Tower of Hope Gala

"The Late Late Show's" Craig Ferguson will host the 2009 Tower of Hope Gala dinner on Sunday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Presented by the Tower Cancer Research Foundation, the evening will honor Nancy Mishkin, Dr. Philomena McAndrew and Steve Smith for their contributions to cancer care, research, awareness and humanitarian efforts.

The Hollywood Reporter

A Digital Deflowering...

I'm Craig Ferguson. This is my first twittery moment. I was a virgin until you read this and you took that from me you heartless wretch.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Joel McHale?

Looks like Joel McHale may also be a guest on tonight's show, with Dame Edna.
As per The Soup Blog...


Worldwide Pants also owns the show that follows Mr. Letterman’s at 12:35 a.m., “The Late Late Show.” The current star of that show, Craig Ferguson, is under contract through 2010. The company definitely wants Mr. Ferguson, whose reputation has grown in recent years, to continue. His salary and the budget for “Late Late Show” are negotiated separately by Worldwide Pants and CBS.


tick-tock, tick-tock...

YouTube currently has the opening introduction file.
Craig was totally on tonight.
Kevin Bacon was funny, seeming more relaxed this time around.
In my book, Michael Irvin is a classy guy.
Missing the sketches tho.
Missing oooOOOooooo...
Oh and since I'm on a missing binge, I'm missing that damn whip crack too!

In case some of you are wondering...
After the show is over, I start processing the footage.
I post the intro & monologue clips and then head to bed.
I wake up some 4 hours later and continue to post the rest of the show.
In my mind, the first 2 parts of the show are the most important parts. The meaty sections, if you will.

Enjoy, kids!

Monday, June 8, 2009

This week's guest list...

Monday, June 8: Kevin Bacon & Michael Irvin

Tuesday, June 9: Dame Edna

Wednesday, June 10: Chris Matthews & Theresa Andersson

Thursday, June 11: Larry King & Anna Friel

Friday, June 12: Dane Cook & Peter Travers

Planned future guests...

Actors: Holly Hunter, Julia Ormond, Sandra Bullock, Bryan Cranston, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Marion Cotillard

Performance: Metric, Gain DeGraw, Camera Obscura,

Comics: Jeff Foxworthy, David Feldman

Science: Derrick Pitts

Writers: Michael Musto

Source: CBS Press Release

Updated: 8:29pm

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Give a 'shout out'


So, either you've come across this blog on your own or were asked for help in testing. Either way, please be kind and leave a message. And more importantly, shout out your country. I'm keeping track of what countries are making it in. We don't want anyone left out...

Your help is much appreciated!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Video Test

Considering this one gave me such a hard time, I thought it would be the absolute perfect video for a test... This is a test, so any comments should only refer to technicalities. Thanks!

This is the direct upload...

This is embedded from MegaVideo...

Why?!?!? blah! blah! blah! blagh...

I created this blog in order to do a few more things, that I can't do on the YouTubes. Here I will be able to share news, articles, clips and links... Oh no, not another blog about Craig Ferguson, where the blogger spews out how they feel about The Late Late Show and how cute he is. NOPE! This is meant to be an extension to what occurs on the YT channel...the channel will remain the same, as it is now.

I will share with you, what I come across. From there you can comment openly, without having to sign up to be a part of a group or club. I understand many of my channel viewers are located outside of the United States of America, so I'll try to keep this in mind when posting links and clips. If for some reason, something turns out unavailable in your country, please let me know.

So you see, it's all very simple really. It's just a place to gather and chit chat about all things Craig, without the rules of YT. "I can't live by your rules, man!" *shaking fist*

Warning: I'm new to this blogging business, so please bare with me...