Monday, August 10, 2009

Craig Ferguson's Guest List

Jennifer Tilly 4/1/9

Mon, August 10th: Carrot Top & Alexis Bledel

Tues, August 11th: Mitch Albom & Bonnie Raitt w/Taj Mahal

Wed, August 12th: Eric Bana & Holly Williams

Thurs, August 13th: Jon Cryer

Fri, August 14th: Liza Minnelli & Dr. Kara Cooney


  1. I absolutely cannot wait untill Friday's show when Liza Minnelli is on after how much Craig goes on about him looking like her. Should be a great interview.

  2. Liza Minnelli and Carrot Top, awesome!
    And I love the pic, Malinky, you glourious naughty creature

  3. so effing excited for Liza Minnelli. She's got to be one of my favorite singers ever, and not to mention Craig enjoys saying he looks like her. Someone I know went to the taping and I've been waiting for a month for this. Apparently Liza is a big fan of Bing Hiter ^_^

  4. Seems like a exellent week.

    Btw, I just found a vid of when Craig was on Conan in 2001. He really killed it! :)

  5. Just curious - who is the woman in the photo?

  6. oh boy watching what he lookin at xD
    i mean c'mon !! i say all the ladies should start do the same thing .. woudn't that be a better world :D
    Keep it up Mal :)

  7. Loved the photo, so typical of Craig! That's why he's a cheeky monkey... a frisky little badger... a very naughty boy who needs to be spanked :)