Monday, February 15, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest List 2/15/10

Mon Feb. 15th: Colin Firth & Amanda Righetti
Tue Feb. 16th: Matt Lucas
Wed Feb. 17th: Helena Bonham Carter & Sinbad
Thu Feb. 18th: Jimmie Johnson
Fri Feb. 19th: Jennifer Tilly & Peter Sagal

source: cbs


  1. Sinbad???
    Is Craig doing charity for people who are off the media for the latest 10-20 years?

    Next week will be much better:
    Monday - Feb, 22 = Parker Posey, Tom Everett Scott
    Tuesday - Feb, 23 = Stephen Fry
    Wednesday - Feb, 24 = Don Cheadle, Jeannette Walls
    Thursday - Feb, 25 = Sean William Scott, Jackie Collins

  2. i love Craig, but he needs better guests.Why all big stars go to Letterman and not TLLS?

  3. Jennifer Tilly is the shit!! Can't wait!