Monday, April 19, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest List 4/19/10

Mon 4/19: Brendan Fraser, Amanda Righetti & Brian Scott McFadden
Tue 4/20: Emily Mortimer & David Simon
Wed 4/21: Brooke Shields, George Wallace & Corinne Bailey Ray
Thu 4/22: Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Busy Philipps
Fri 4/23: Drew Carey & Jason Aldean

Source: cbs


  1. Why is Craig giving the audience the finger? :-)

  2. who was the singer on last night april 20/10

  3. haha I love that pic-- its like an invitation. XD

  4. Anyone have any idea which episode this picture is from?

  5. First, let me extend to you my deepest condolences on your loss, I can't imagine how hard it must have been. Second, as a subscriber and huge fan of your brilliant work i would like to say THANK YOU! Your site was for the longest time the only justifiable reasons to sit through an interminable *ista boot-up.Fun, easy to use, coherent, full of surprises(the good kind). How often can you say that about anything? Unique and one of a kind R.I.P