Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Email to Craig Ferguson

from Malinky Stoatir
date Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 9:54 AM
subject Crack that whip!

Dearest Craig,

Please solve the almost year-long mystery as to why you no longer use the sound effects machine. I miss the whip crack.
Baby, can you please find a new way to whip me?

Love you and the show is great too!

New York, NY (Manhattan)


  1. Great e-mail! I hope he reads it on-air soon!

  2. I swear every time I email him, he tosses a bunch of emails on the show... *sigh*

  3. Well, hopefully he won't toss this one. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  4. Dearest Craig,I am an old lady of 53, and I want to tell you how very much I love you,your humor is like mine, and I enjoy you every night.I wish I could have married you,for I think you are my perfect mate.
    I found this little Scottish song, that I find very beautiful!!!.
    I know you probably think I'm a nut,and maybe I am, but I'm your nut...hehehehehe!
    Cathy Muckian from Chicago.

  5. Hey Craig,

    Doesn't it suck that you have to fake hitting the camera.

    Preston Dinard
    (not my real name)

  6. Hey Craig, hope you get this one...I've sent you alot of emails even sent you some from youtube...ooh la la...all of them are to let you know I Love you & your the coolest dude on TV...I have Lymphoma and refusing to go through chemo again,But when GOD calls me Home I'm going to tell HIM how you made me laugh after 5 mo.s of crying cause I had lost my husband to cancer, could'nt sleep trun on the TV David was just going off & YOU came on... been laughing every night since...oh I Love the 1000th show I pee on myself a little,I saw Saving Grace did you realy smoke pot??? I saw I'll BE THERE too and my grandauther found me THE BIG TEASE,hope to find all of Your movies.Love,jazman378...

  7. im one of the million that love you to.ijust foundyourshowsoivemissedfiveyearsofallthefuniknow.seeyaat11;30tonightfeb16.

  8. Tonight's show was GREAT (feb.23rd,2010). The no audience thing was great, you keeped me very entertained. Stephen Fry was a great perso to have on for a show like this he as well was great. I missed emails and all the funny funny jokes you tell but a change was welcomed by me tonight. Thanks Beverloyn Jordan

  9. Hey Craig, heard you are going to Edmonton any chance you will be stopping in Saskatoon, would love to see you live, love your show.

  10. I miss your YouTube page :(

  11. miss you on youtube. a lot. had a nervous breakdown when i discovered your channel had been suspended. have been cowering in the corner of a small dark room ever since, not wanting to come out. my hands still shake. my tears are still not dry. oh cruel world!