Tuesday, June 9, 2009

tick-tock, tick-tock...

YouTube currently has the opening introduction file.
Craig was totally on tonight.
Kevin Bacon was funny, seeming more relaxed this time around.
In my book, Michael Irvin is a classy guy.
Missing the sketches tho.
Missing oooOOOooooo...
Oh and since I'm on a missing binge, I'm missing that damn whip crack too!

In case some of you are wondering...
After the show is over, I start processing the footage.
I post the intro & monologue clips and then head to bed.
I wake up some 4 hours later and continue to post the rest of the show.
In my mind, the first 2 parts of the show are the most important parts. The meaty sections, if you will.

Enjoy, kids!


  1. What did ever happen to Craig's soundboard? I was wondering that the other day when I was watching some old clips...could he not be trusted anymore with it?

  2. Can i ask you a question? Why some of your videos are not properly cropped and have to big black bands on the sides of the image? I remember than years ago, when i used to recompress some video footage, that was a big bitrate eater way of do it, at least with the early divx codec. Besides, in my 16:9 monitor cant do a proper full screen of then, so i have to zoom in the video image... Sorry for my crappy english and thx for your effort uploading the show :)

  3. I record the show on an HD (high definition) channel, despite the show not being in HD, because I want the highest quality picture/sound. The standard quality (SD) channel never seems to have the right colors nor correct contrast. SD clips come out grainy after YT's process, but HD clips only come out a bit softer, which is much easier on the eyes.

    The black bands on the sides are because the tele station needs to put something in to fill up the space that a normal HD programme would utilize. When I increase the ratio, some of the picture is lost on top & bottom.
    When I first started uploading clips of the LLS, I couldn't decide which was better: the crappy picture in a square box, or a better picture with a black band on each side. I let my channel viewers decide. You will notice some of my clips still come up in SD, because I record the show in SD as backup. Look through the clips and compare for yourself.

    Sure, it would be easier on me to post the clips in SD, as it would be much quicker process & smaller file sizes. But I do this for pleasure, so it doesn't matter how long it takes as long as the quality is good...which I'm somewhat pleased with. I'll be happier when CBS changes Craig to the HD format. Someone on the inside suggested this will have to happen eventually with the changing times of technology.