Saturday, July 11, 2009

Craig Ferguson in HD? Hogwash!

I hate rumors. I especially hate rumors when it's about something I really want. Many fans of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson have been waiting, ever so patiently for CBS to get it's arse in gear, and start broadcasting the show in High Definition.

Recently, Craig made a comment pertaining to the likability of his suit and how he would wear it again in August. The studio audience laughed heartily yet the viewers were left confused. I personally summed it up to Craig being Craig and the viewers will find out what's going on eventually. One of my channel viewers emailed when they came across a blog, something along the lines of Craig spilling the beans about the show going to HD in August. Upon my own research, I came across a couple of posts by one user:
I was in the studio audience last night (taping 7/8 for 7/9) and Craig informally announced (off camera) that the LLS was taping ahead for August so that the studio (probably studio infrastructure) could be changed over to HD and not miss shows.
Sure, I got excited. Especially with all the other talk on the board about how there are HD cameras in Craig's studio already. But then I thought: Wouldn't such delicious news be running rampant through the Craig blog-o-sphere, besides comments from one user? There are only about 110 seats in the studio audience. He does have to tape some interviews ahead of time for a variety of reasons. But also, Craig does enjoy telling a lie and sometimes people mistake it as the truth if they don't know the signs to look for. I want to believe so much that it's certainly true, but I can't get my hopes up. It means too much to me to be disappointed...but wouldn't it be great if it were true?!?!!? No confirmation on a variety of attempts so far. Well, we'll just have to wait and see...which is mostly what you do as a fan of the show.

Then last night I received a lovely email from another channel viewer, koldkow, Re: August--
Hey Malinky,

Just thought you'd like to know:
I went to the Thursday taping and we all laughed at the August comment during the ending because he pre-taped an interview segment with Don Rickles, who was absolutely fantastic. It's going to air on August 7. Truly an honor to see one of the comedy greats. Craig had to help him up and down the steps to the couch, and Rickles made fun of a few of the audience members.

In my opinion, Don Rickles being a future guest is fabulous news! Craig in HD come August? Hogwash! I'll believe it, when I see it! Needless to say my eyes (and ears) are hungry...


  1. HD would be great news for me, but it won't affect viewers who don't have HD equipment, and that's a good number. It would at least signal a rare investment by CBS in the show, though.

    But Rickles? Never cared for his mean-spirited humor, haven't liked him on his many previous visits to TLLS, so I don't expect to enjoy him this time. One of those "classics" that just isn't for everybody. He did have some great moments on Carson, though.

  2. HD would be awesome but we'll have to wait and see if it's true. I was going to suggest that perhaps he was taping shows now for august so they didn't have to show reruns while craig is promoting his book. I'm not sure if that makes sense though if the Don Rickles segment is airing Aug 7th. That seems a bit early for Craig to be starting the press for his book. I'll keep my fingers crossed for HD.

  3. Wasn't there a switch over to HD when the editor of Rolling Stone Magazine was on?

  4. Nope.
    Craig is one of the last of the late night shows to still be in Standard Quality.