Monday, July 6, 2009

Ferguson & Lockhart: The Independence Jig Is Up!

Marc Hirsh of the Boston Globe, reviews the night's festivities...
"...emcee Craig Ferguson, himself recently repurposed from Scotsman to American citizen. As the Pops snarled through “I’m Shipping Up To Boston,’’ he and Lockhart offered a step-dance so entertainingly terrible that the stage manager couldn’t help but imitate them from the wings."


  1. the best part of the whole show wasn't televised. Thankfully a few people put it on youtube!

  2. Love it when he was like "YouTube it? Don't you dare YouTube me!"
    Too late Craig, too late! We adore you on YouTube =]

  3. This was beyond awesome! Hæhæ!!

    I can't get my daily ose of Craig any other place then on YouTube!

  4. I just found your youtube channel. You are awesome! I just discovered that was posting up full episodes of the show, and then they pulled them off the site. Great to have somewhere else to watch them.