Sunday, September 20, 2009

Craig acknowledged by Emmy...


He wasn't nominated nor presenting...I'd feel pretty cocky to bet that he's not there.
Lo and behold, Craig was acknowledged on the Emmy Awards show by appearing in one of their many brilliant montages...

This is for those who couldn't believe their eyes the first time it flashed before them and for those across the pond who may be curious as to what the fuss and muss is about.


  1. Too bad it was only for a mere second

  2. I didn't think the Emmy peeps knew who he wuz

  3. That's awesomme! I wonder if the award show editors are CF fans and knew he should have been nominated....Thanks for posting Malinky!

  4. I figured that the Emmys were on CBS, Craig is on's all one big happy ratings grabbing family in network tv. :P
    But they must have wanted to include him anyway, since they showed Conan more than either Dave or Craig, so...who knows.

  5. i think he was there, check Jamie-Lynn Sigler's red carpet photo on yahoo, he's in the photo also

  6. thanks malinky!

    and lol @ whoever said Craig was in the Jamie-Lynn Sigler red carpet photo. That was non other than Gabriel Byrne.

  7. I was so surprised I saw it last night. Most likely somebody remembered Craig did that once when they were putting the montage together but it was still nice to see.

  8. I saw that and laughed, but also was like that's not cool he wasn't even nominated. He deserved to be nominated. For a second I thought he was, even though he said on his show he wasn't, he has been known to lie on his show :P. I remember when he said he played the clarinet in a punk rock band, and I didn't know what instrument he truly played at the time xD. Now I do but you know.

  9. He definitely deserved a nomination. The last time he got nominated was for the monologue he paid tribute to his father, and a lot of people assumed he would get one for his mother's tribute as well, as horrible a reason as that is to be nominated for anything.

    But nope, no nom for the Archbishop Desmond Tutu, nothing for the dance routines, and nada for the comedy. Is there something wrong with this picture?!

  10. Hello Malinky, I'm a journalist from Mexico and a longtime Craig fan. In one of my recent columns I wrote about Craig and I mentioned you and your Youtube channel, that has been THE source of Craig material for all of us not in the US. I keep a blog with all the articles I've got in print, so if you want to check it out, here's the link to the online version:

    Also, if you would like to have a PDF of the printed article, send me an email to ernesto at and I'll be more than happy to send it to you. My newspaper is a regional one in the West of Mexico, not very big and not very important in the national scope, but still I guess it'll be cool for you to see your name (or nickname) mentioned in a foreign newspaper.

    Cheers and thank you for your work!

    Ernesto Cortés
    Colima, México.