Saturday, September 19, 2009

Craig Ferguson Tweet-a-thon September 22nd!

THE PLAN: Get Craig Ferguson recognition from a whole new audience of internet users.

WHO: Our favorite Scottish late night cheeky monkey

WHAT: The Tweet-a-Thon via twitter

WHEN: Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 (the release day of American on Purpose)

WHERE: Everywhere internet is available! Your desktop, laptop, cell phone, blackberry, etc etc.

WHY: Because we love him!

HOW: Starting at 12:00AM (your local time), start tweeting everything and anything about Craig Ferguson. Include #CRAIGFERGUSON in all of your tweets on that day, no matter their content. Preferably, post links to The Late Late Show, Craig's movies, book reviews, pictures, and so on. Just be sure to include #craigferguson in everything (exactly as you see it here)

This thoughtful project was coordinated by Twitter user LipSyncingScot, and I know that if you want more information, look her up via twitter and she will be happy to oblige.

This lovely clip was created by the awesome n39smm
subscribe & let her know what you think
Song is called Final Hour by X Ray Dogs/Night Hounds

PLEASE PASS THE WORD ON, like you would share one of his funny clips...
Send this to everyone you know, post links, POST BLOGS, bombard them all! (But give credit please :) This took a really long time to do, despite what you might otherwise think)

See you all on Tweet-a-Thon Tuesday!

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  1. I think it went well :) The highest I saw him was 5th, so it's pretty good.