Monday, May 10, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest list 5/10/10

Mon, May 10th: Russell Crowe & Wilco
Tue, May 11th: Melina Kanakaredes, Tom Lennon and Jonsi

Wed, May 12th: Bryan Cranston & Angela Kinsey
Thu, May 13th: Robert Downey Jr & Dave Barry
Fri, May 14th: Amanda Seyfried & Isabel Allende

Source: cbs


  1. Awesome guests this week.

    Thank you Malinky.

  2. thank you, its good to have you back!! --awkWRDpaws

  3. Many, many thanks to Malinky for all the good work done. This Singaporean fan didn't even know of Craig's existence until stumbling across your videos on Youtube.

    malinky2stoatir's channel is dead!
    Long live malinky2stoatir's channel!

  4. OMG Malinky got suspended for youtube! Oh man... Here on Brazil, we got Letterman, but no Craig... No more LLS for me now...