Saturday, May 22, 2010

RIP Malinky2Stoatir 11/14/8-5/19/10

The channel lasted so long, we started to think it was a permanent fixture. But we all knew it could happen...yes, the giant house of Craig-vids, built on shaky ground, came tumbling down on May 19, 2010 at 2:10pm EST. Little did we know that the little channel Malinky started for shits & giggles would become so big & important.


YouTube has a 3 strike rule...your channel is shut down after the 3rd strike. Ironically, it was only the last strike that was in itself warranted but still bullshit.

Strike One: 16 second clip of the Sandra Bullock movie "The Blind Side."
Warner Brothers went out of their way to contact YouTube specifically about the video which contained a clip and Craig chatting with Sandra, who was there to promote the film. So I learned about the 7 second rule but I would have gladly accepted an advert for the movie or any other WB movie but it was not offered.

Strike Two: 10 monologues yanked. 20th Century Fox specifically wrote to YT about these monologues because "they MAY contain copyright material belonging to..." After watching the clips with a fine tooth comb, I was infuriated by this as TCF had no appropriate claim for content contained within those monologues. Sadly, with the position I am in, I could not fight those claims as the material I'm speaking for is not owned by me. This incident worried me as it seemed to be the work of something other than copyrights...

Strike Three: Part b of an episode of The Drew Carey Show. Again Warner Brothers specifically wrote to YT requesting the removal of part 2. This by far is the most interesting claim as there are many clips that came before my posting and many came after.

I could have warned everyone once the 2nd strike came in but chose against publicly announcing the news as that would leave the channel open to all sorts of hater nastiness but also panic within the Robot Skeleton Army & Craig fans on YouTube. I could imagine quite a few freaking out and downloading, living moment to moment, not sure if the channel would be there that one day. Instead, there was only one person who had to deal with such feelings. So although I was prepared for it to all disappear, it was not any easier when the blow arrived.

Needless to say I was crushed over the loss of so many great clips, episodes and memorable comments. Like losing any large collection, I am left with images & memories of what it contained but no certainty to remember it all...ever. Like in death, I found myself mourning...still am a bit and probably will for a while longer.

The good news is I have 99.99% of what was originally posted.
The bad news is not every clip & episode will be reposted.
So we can rebuild a library even greater than it was before because the selected clips will be the best ones that stuck in our memories.

I will announce a specific "request time" shortly. It is during this time and only this specific time period announced, will I accept requests...on both Twitter and YouTube. I was bombarded with clip/ep requests on a regular basis before and now there's just a constant waterfall of queries and suggestions. From the submitted requests I will make a list and do my best to find & post with the information provided. So keep in mind, if you have a fav'd clip, the information is still in your favs, despite it not showing on your channel. You can cut & paste said info into a twit or email and send it off to me during a request time. Request times will be announced ahead of time so everyone is aware. I will gladly fulfill requests when I have the time, so you must be patient.

I must admit that although the channel is gone, it is wondrous how it's legacy lives on. I've been seeing links in my bird feeder and the feeling in my heart I get when I see one of my old clips up is indescribable. I can tell right away whether it's a M2S clip through 2 different fingerprints...and it makes me smile. Why? Because all that work did not necessarily go in vain. I was thankful to see peeps posting clips and rebuilding. This made me so happy because my original mission was to spread the word of Craig's humor around the world and it continues on, despite the original channel's demise.

I highly doubt Malinky2Stoatir will ever return. It took almost 2 days for YT to take it down completely, as there were so many clips in it's library to remove...this emotional metaphor still makes me well up.

I can't explain how painful it was to read the sad tweets that blanketed my monitor. At times it was way too much on top of my own feelings of frustration and sadness. I wish I could have responded to all your comments as some hit close to home and others made me giggle in their lack-luster selfishness. With where my head was at during that time, it was best I just kept quiet. I had nothing nice to say...

The idea of Craig or CBS or WWP being able to do anything is lovely but not exactly true. The content on the channel was not all owned by CBS or WWP. And even if they did, I believe there is a bit of legal mumbo jumbo that would get in the way. If the channel were to resurface it would be a fucking miracle...

So tonight we bid farewell to the pleasantry that is the Malinky2Stoatir YouTube channel. In it's 18 month life time, a library was built of 1,965 clips, 16,285 subscribers, 2,999,493 channel views, 27,435,614 uploaded video views. I utilized the channel just as much as any other fan. She was there when you needed a quick fix or if you wanted to spend the entire day on the couch catching up on or rewatching episodes. She leaves behind a blazing trail of memories in Craigy-ness. She will be sorely missed...but never forgotten.

And so, we rebuild... TVsCraigFerguson
Stay tuned!

Very Truly Yours in Craigness,
Malinky I. Stoatir
RSA General


  1. Hey Malinky, Phil here, I wanted to message you but figured it'd get lost in the shuffle. Glad you're back and not like the other former Craig posters (0mni, rock3r, roqu3to) who've bailed at some point after the 1 year or so mark.

    I've got some requests when the time comes, but I'm just happy you've stuck around after all this.

    P.S. you had a Drew Carey clip? Besides that you've received some odd strikes. My channels have almost been exclusively deleted from uploading live music performance material, which I was going to suggest to you to stop uploading (but since none of that was striked on you it shouldn't matter).

    Good luck as always.

  2. RIP

  3. Hey!
    Thanks Mal for taking the time to lay out the history of this wretched episode.
    I am full of admiration for your dedication to the cause, for your efforts in the past, and well, for your efforts in the future as you embark on the rebuilding task you've set yourself.
    I would be fairly confident any clips you're missing will be provided by a shoutout to the RSA.
    Onwards & upwards ..... what disnae kill yi' makes yi' stronger .... etc. ... ad infinitum.

  4. thank you so much Malinky! Since this happened I have become much more diligent about leaving a comment under the video saying thank you. I have always been grateful but have failed in letting you know this often enough. I have been a fan of Craig for a long time but have only had a computer with internet for 6 months or so.

    Anyway, I was so excited to find you.. I thought you were Craig and sent you some praise on your sobriety. lol

    It didn't take long to become a fan of Malinky though. :-) I can't imagine the amount of work you put into this. And without monetary gain.

    Thank you so much! I could easily go on and on but I am sure you will have a TON to read.

    Blessings to you!
    ~Kay Seven

  5. Simply - thank you! I very much enjoy watching, and I'm so glad to hear that the experience has not broken your spirit.

  6. ...if you knew how close I came to getting a twitter account - just to say how sorry I was for the loss of your dedicated work, and to tell you how much I had always appreciated it. (Only later, finally, did I think to myself: will this be the end of having Craig in my daily life - due to several countries and an ocean in-between?)
    Glad that you're okay, Mal, and back with the new channel.

    THANK YOU and all the best ;-)

  7. Thanks Malinky again for all you do. While it's tough to see a year and a half of greatness get swallowed away in the depths of the googletubes, it'll only get better now with the RSA's requests of their personal favorites and of course the episodes to come. I know that you'll be able to create a new shrine for fans of His Chattiness to come flock and know that you'll have continued support.

  8. hey malinky!!! it is madison817 from youtube here, and i want to applaud your efforts throughout the months and years as a loyal fan of craig, spreading his love to all. i can safely say that i am a huge fan of his as well, but honestly only BECAUSE of finding your amazing clips on youtube, and so i thank you :)

    i tuned into that channel first thing EVERY morning while eating my breakfast and getting ready for work. and i will continue to follow your channel know. my only suggestion would be possibly finding another website that would be better for the show... i know that for another youtube user that uploaded episodes for Good Eats (Food Channel) had a similar problem and has reverted to I don't work for that website, so i don't know if its any better but just thought i'd let you know!!

    my favorite bits of his are when he does those singing bits, Say hey I love you, or in the Navy... always brings a smile to my face! He is amazing, and the best show there is out there because he can make us laugh, he is honest, incredibly modest, and makes working that show look so effortless. What a talent!

    Keep up the good work Malinky!!!

    Your Loyal Subscriber, Member of the RSA, and Friendly Canadian,

  9. Sad day for the RSA indeed, and a setback in the spreading of the Craigyferg gospel. ;)
    About re-uploading.. How about atleast the last month or two?
    -So those alittle behind wont miss any Craigygoodness!!
    Major props for the hard work, and RIP.

  10. Mal, I just want to say thank you for everything you've done, are doing, and will do. I came to the Craig party late, and I've seen a LOT that I wouldn't have if not for you. You are a rock star as far as I'm concerned. Much love!

  11. I had a really long comment written here about how much I appreciate you and what you do Malinky. But it got a pretty boring read. I really want you to know how much I do appreciate it!

    I were very sad to find out your Malinky2Stoatir channel had been removed. All the amazing clips you had uploaded. And I want to thank you for your time and dedication that for a long time have made my days a little more filled with well needed laughter and sexual innuendos. I hope you, the only source of Craig I have, will be able to carry on for a long time still through TVsCraigFerguson.

    Than you so very much from over here in Sweden.

  12. The only request I have is that you always remember how appreciated you are.

    A friend of mine has been taping Craig for years and would quote his show to me, but having to wake up just 3 hours after he airs I could never stay up to watch him. Then her vcr failed on a night when the guest was someone she really wanted to see so I searched YouTube and found a particularly well organized channel of LLS episodes (yes, I have OCD). We sat, laughing hysterically and about 3 seconds later you had another subscriber.

    Every day I look forward to your uploads (and tweets). Thank you for taking time from your day to share Craig with the rest of us. You bring us joy just by doing what you do.

    (And now, thanks to your note from Anonymous, I know where I can also find "Good Eats" which I've been looking for.)

  13. Hello, Malinky, and thank you for your work, for the joy that you give to every LLS and Craig lover who cannot get the show on TV.
    I have discovered Craig sometime december 2009 and thanks to you and some other YT activists I've been able not to miss a single episode of 2010 and watch a lot of previous episodes, interviews, fan videos.

    Also thank you for not giving up after this terrible accident with the old channel, for continuing your hard work. It's so generous of you to offer upload some of the old episodes, because there certainly are some which I will desperately miss.
    Thank you once more, and good luck in everything you do.

  14. Hi Malinky, adding my thanks once again for all that hard work you do in keeping Craig in our lives. I'm very glad to hear the shutdown had nothing to do with WWP, CBS or (heaven forbid!) the LLS. Honestly, you think Warner Bros. & Fox would have more important things to worry about.
    With much love from Australia, Margaret8819
    (only says anonymous 'cause I don't know how to attach my name, sad isn't it!).

  15. Thank you so much Mal! the RSA is here to support you all the way. I can't imagine what you're feeling when the channel was taken down, and all I can say is sorry and hope you're okay. But, I believe that this new Channel is going to be bigger and better because we're Craig's Army and we will never be beaten!
    Thanks so much for all the hardwork you put in, for those of us with no access to Craig from overseas and those within the state too- we appreciate them greatly from deep down of our hearts.

    LOVE from Tiff (aka WeynWild on YT), Australia x)

  16. Hi Malinky,

    I've only commented a few times on the youtube channel, but I really want you to know how grateful I am for all of your hard work and persistence bring Craig to us all. I've been watching LLS on your channel since you started, whenever I couldn't catch it on tv. But this past year I have been religiously following your uploads due to both the crappy college/county I live in that decides to broadcast Craig at 1:37 am, and the horrible situation in which I've found myself as of late.

    I'm quite certain that you and Craig are the only reasons why I haven't had to start taking antidepressants. You have been a steady beacon of laughter and happiness amidst the lonely grey world which has crashed upon me. Sorry to be all serious - I never thought a youtube channel would ever effect me this way :~P

    Whenever I was sad and couldn't find any motivation, I'd fire up the computer and go through my favorited videos of Tweety jingles, Star Wars rants, and Craig making himself - and of course all of us - laugh. But through all of the times I've done that, I don't think I've ever really thanked you properly for your hard work.

    I am forever indebted for all that you have done for us in the RSA. Thank you so much. I will be thinking good thoughts for the new channel!

    ~ Shaniakt (YT)/@42MKUltra

  17. Hi Malinky,

    You are my hero. For a perfect stranger to bring so much joy across the globe as you do and have, is the most unselfish act I have ever known anyone to do. If I had one word to describe you, it would be phenomenal.

    I'm not sure how long you had your channel up before I subscribed, but I found it to be the faithful gift that it was, each and every time I visited.

    Whenever I was searching for something specific, I'd message you and sure enough, you knew right where to find it, and happily provided the link to it. That made my day, each and every time.

    CBS should hire you to keep their archives current. Lord knows (as do the rest of us), they need you!

    The fact that Craig himself, follows you on Twitter should speak to the awesomeness that is YOU. Don't ever, not for one brief moment, think that for all the work you have put in for our enjoyment, goes without appreciation from the bottom of our hearts.

    I was worried for you the day the channel went down. Worried for your health, your emotional self, and worried you would not know how much we loved you and that we were there for you, should you reach out to us for comfort.

    I KNEW YOU WERE A FIGHTER! All of us Robo-Skellies seem to be cut from a similar cloth.
    One that unites!

    If I could relive any moment in time where I was the happiest under the darkest of circumstance, it would be in early March 2009 when I had to fore go my Tickets to see Craig because of emergency surgery. This was my 8th surgery of it's kind. I was devastated. I had waited 22 years to see him live. Do you know what kept me smiling during all of those horrible times of losing my hair and the 8th of those kind of surgeries? You and your channel on YouTube. You kept me smiling, laughing, crying tears of joy during a period of time when I thought I may not live to see the sunrise the next day. You, not anyone else. Not my own family, not any of my closest friends were there for me, but you were the most reliable source of comfort each and every day while I was fighting my own life and death battles here at home.

    You are the most selfless person I have known, without ever meeting. I never felt I was alone as long as there was you, doing the unselfish gifting of those daily doses of the Craigster. You were my invisible caregiver through the many months of recovery.

    So from my small corner of the world here in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I just want to tell you that I thank you, that I love you and that you are the brightest spot, and have been, in many of my days, without even knowing it. I am so sorry I haven't told you all of this before, but I surely did want to tell you now, since I feel like we went through THIS ONE, together.

    Even though you do not follow me, I enjoy following you on Twitter. Thank you so much. I love and appreciate you from the bottom of this Robo-Skelly heart!

    Cathy Cross
    Ft Wayne, IN

  18. One more thing to add Mal, is that if anyone never knew how to correctly spell Malinky2Stoatir, after the Tweet-A-Thon, we surely know now! Love ya!

    Cathy Cross

  19. like so many others, i am overwhelmed with gratitude for what you've so consistently and kindly done. i would watch your channel every morning and it always gave me something to smile about when life was looking grim. you (and craig) helped me get through two tough years. you are a hero.

  20. OH mal,

    I always favored the Puppet openings & Prince Charles sketches...always loved those. I cannot begin to tell u how crushed i was as well & smelled something fishy when u stopped posting all of a sudden & i knew it wasnt becuz of reruns.

    I would like to DEDICATE THIS PASSGE 2 U:
    "Be strong & courageous, bcuz u will lead these people 2 inherit the land I swore to their forefathers 2 give them. Be strong and very not turn from it to the right or the left, that u may be successful wherever u go." - JOSHUA 1:6,7

    --Love always Mal. We're STRONG TOGETHER & UNITED WE STAND - FELLOW RSA#10,??? lol :) much love from TX

  21. I have read each and every comment here and am not quite sure as to what to add to it...

    So, I'l just share my experience.
    I'm an Indian residing in Mumbai; I had come across your uploaded video when I was searching for NPH interviews; I had no idea who Craig was but I watched all the three interviews because I found the interviews different from all other star interviews...

    I was however familiar with American late night as I had enjoyed Jay Leno for about two years on an Indian channel. Then, came Conan O'Brien and then the late night controversy which again led me wondering to the internet to find out the whole truth...

    AND then a few months later I came across a video of Craig commenting about the whole thing. I don't quite remember what it was now but what I do remember is that that 2 min or so video was enough to leave me wanting more. I wanted to know who this guy was..

    THAT day I ended up watching 3-4 episodes on the trot and kept visiting your channel for more frequently. I watched only the beginnings, monologues and the endings. I even started watching all of the old videos and your favorites. Then, before I knew it, I was IN! I was watching people who I had never even heard of talking about themselves and I was actually enjoying it! There were even times when24 hours seemed too long a wait for a Craigy ep. I hated the re-run fairy because I didn't get any of him on the night. And, don't even get me started on the weekends!

    I've been following your channel for long now. Can't place a specific date on it. Surely, not longer then most of the guys who've commented before me but more than long enough to miss it unmanageably...

    In all of this I lost sight of when I started following your blog, your Megavideo channel, your formspring page AND then when Craigy hit twitter, even YOUR twitter page! I must admit that there hasn't been a single day that I have watched an entire Tonight show post finding Craig on my comp, this despite the fact that I have inbuilt speakers on my comp and have to sit erect on a chair as opposed to lying down comfortably on my couch whilst watching Leno who I did for two full years previously!!

    The fact is that no one can ever turn their back on Craig because he has such a personal connect; it's almost as if he's doing the show right in your hall only for you! And surely that was more than enough to keep people interested... But, at least as I see it, there was more to it! There was you!

    You, a mysterious person unknown to the world! Many believed you to be associated with the show but you denied; paid by the creators but you weren't; Craig himself, but you aren't! Hell, no one can say for sure if you're even a man or a woman! But, still there was something about the way you projected yourself. There was an immediate connect! I guess that gave us a friend far across not even remotely known to us but we could have imagined all we wanted about him/her in our mind because if there is one thing we knew it was that this friend was always going to be there with us NO MATTER WHAT!

    But, then again, like in life, you just can NOT take anything for granted! I had my 12th grade ISC board results announced on Wednesday 19th. I managed to secure only 52%; something that is far from enough to secure a collage seat in the over-populated corrupt competent society I'm a part of! I was totally dejected and completely devastated, but for one thing I never contemplated suicide! And I can't say for sure but I think it has something to do with Craig! I remember the words spoken by Craig at some conference on the 4th of July wherein he goes on to say America offered him to fail before he succeeded. Again, I know it sounds dramatic and maybe even creepy but I think it is in fact that and the "Tomorrow's just your future yesterday..."!

  22. Anyway, after the horrible day I had I chose to finally tune into your channel to see if could actually cheer myself up! COULD IT BE! I could not believe it! IT sounds stupid to say but that almost did it! It sounded like a hint from the God's above! But thankfully I managed to log onto twitter and see the kind of support you were getting and I realized that even you had lost something the same day and I chose to live the night!

    Next morning I woke up to some of the most wonderful comments on twitter about you, to you et al! I was convinced that the account would be back and then I checked the video "RIP Malinky2stoatir"; I became even more so emotional as it began with the "Stephen Fry beginning" because it WAS indeed something I had FOUND and stayed tuned to because I was INTERESTED! It seemed like the end of an era!! The tune of course in my state of mind offered no consonance! And then again the danger was averted; this time it was the ending switch in the tune with the screenshots from twitter that gave me goosebumps I just won't forget EVER! Life became hopeful again, the world seemed small and caring; I felt an inner joy; a victory! And of course your return with another channel was more than enough to inspire me to stop feeling sorry for myself, get up and just get started with life again!! You are my inspiration!

    Believe it or not IT IS THE TRUTH! I'm not saying that I'd have definitely killed myself had it not been for these freakish coincidences but what I AM saying is you're a true life-saver, a HERO! In my head I have been close with more than just Craig; again maybe it's just me, but you too had a personal touch about you! I've come to know you enough to be writing this for the past half an hour because I know you'll read it. YOU ARE MY FRIEND. You don't have to accept me as yours but in my head, this is how it is and this is how it will always be!

    Thank-you and all the very best with your new channel. I am now going to be gone for about a month to prepare in all sincerity for my upcoming entrance tests but hopefully when I'm back it will be to the all new episodes and the very best of TV'S CRAIG FERGUSON!

    I would also like to congratulate you on the successfully accomplished mission! You have more than just spread a word about His Chattiness! You've made him an addiction, hard to give up! And he in fact, has changed my initial iffiness about America. A complete win-win! As opposed to the guy who had just one word for you, "phenomenal"; I have MANY. And even more are the emotions that I believe I have expressed to the best of my capabilities... But today I'll stick to "AWESOME", YOU ARE AWESOME! And the new channel is going to be LEGEN ......wait for it......and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the next part of that word is..... DARY!


  23. I think the only thing I can add to this is just another bighugegiant THANK YOU...for everything that you did, and everything that you are continuing to do.

  24. Hey Mal - the Superhero of the Craigsphere - I knew you wouldn't give up!

    (It just took me a few days to find ya...)

    I was floored when I went to tune into my favorite YouTube channel, Malinky2Stoatir this week. 'Suspended'??? I thought, 'Oh NO!!' I nearly put a cartoon mallet through the screen. For a moment I thought I'd never watch YT again - How could they do that do you? But as you mentioned to me in your reply earlier this year, we can all enjoy the ride as long as it lasts - and of course leave it to a room full of lawyers to turn off the lights on the fun. :-(

    Anyways, thank you for all of the LLS posts and your renewed continued efforts. The rest of the broadcast world really should wake up and take a lesson from you and the awesomeness of your channel. At its height, you could dig deep through the archives and enjoy the wealth of material from the library of Craigy goodness. Far superior than any official CBS offering, and much deeper, better orgazined, more reliable than any other streaming video service available (Hulu, xFinity Comcast, Veoh, etc...). Why more television shows don't hunt out people like you and hire you to run their channels is beyond me (Hint Hint!).

    I also always liked that in addition to posting the shows, you'd use your favorites to spotlight clips relevant to stuff being talked about by Craig in the show, as well as pepper it up with Craig rarities during re-run weeks and a terrific selection of cool music with tastes that mimic my own (everything from Killing Joke to PiL! - right on!)

    And as the former keeper of that 'Puppet Power Playlist', let me know and I can try and help you with any of the 120+ LLS puppet clips
    (wink wink,nudge nudge)

    Send me a msg if you'd like me to pitch in...We're all in this together. :-)
    - Pest169

  25. Hi Malinky. 5 words - Thank you, I love you!

    Trust me, the awesomeness of Craigy came to Singapore through your effort. So a gazillion thanks. :)

  26. It's a shame about the old YouTube channel, but glad to see new clips. I've never seen Craig Ferguson's show on TV due to it not being available here, but, thanks to your clips, he's by far my favourite US based talk show host.

    Have you tried other video hosting services? Just as a back-up in case it happens again, like Vimeo for example.

  27. Hello Malinky,
    This is Tokyo. Yeah well guess what - we don't get CBS here. And we can't access their web site either (due to "copyright restrictions in your territory"). So it seems somebody owns the Japanese rights but I'm damnd if I can find out who. So just so you know - we appreciate the time and the effort you put into maintaining this tiny corner of the internet. Thanks + good luck

  28. sometimes I think you're crazy, putting all this work into a youtube channel. but then again: you're the type of crazy we need.

  29. So sad to say farewell to Malinky2Stoatir, but pleased as punch that you're determined to soldier on.

    I know I've said it before, but I don't say it enough: Thank you for all you do to spread the Craigy-Love around the world. You're made entirely of win.

    Much love,
    bgrhubarb :-)

  30. Mal, the entire RSA is with you in this one. Thank you for everyting

  31. Message to our General:

    Dear General of the RSA

    All of us (the entire RSA) will be with you trought all this period of change, because we believe in what you did. Craig would be proud of you, so as we are.

    Long live our General Mal!

  32. Hey Malinky,

    I couldn't help myself from tearing up when I read your account of what happened. Thanks for being so honest with us. Reading about the three strikes you got (for totally bogus reasons) really made me realize that you were constantly fighting a battle for Craigy goodness on our behalf, and I really appreciate how you always kept going for us - and how you're still going. Like I said in every YouTube/Facebook post I wrote in the immediate aftermath (I came so close to getting a Twitter just for this), we're all faithfully and determinedly behind you, and nothing can hold us down.

    When I saw that your account had been suspended (it happened when I was in the middle of 2/18's episode! I missed every episode from then until 5/13 and was only just starting to catch up), I felt an aching hole inside me, because not only did I feel the loss of all of those videos, Craig himself, and the amazing community we've (you've) built, I also thought that we had lost you too. I'm sure you have some idea of this, but I really hope that you understand just how profoundly you've impacted all of our lives during these past 18 months. You were the friend who was always there to bring us a laugh, the one who – ever-reliable – provided for those who couldn't get Craig themselves. I can't really find the words to express how grateful I am to you for doing what you've done. If we could all get together to win you a knighthood, or a nobel prize - we should make that happen, because you deserve it. ;)

    I was so snobby towards any CF/LLS videos posted by anyone else but you. If I saw a Craig video that I wanted to watch, clicked on it, and then saw in the Related Videos that you posted the same one, I always switched to yours. :o) Your video quality and the care/love that you obviously had for your work (editing, labeling, organizing[!!]) were spectacular and unrivaled. More than that, I couldn't do without your insanely witty captions and cheeky comments. You really enabled us to build an incredible, safe, intelligent, gracious, homey, and enthusiastic community of Craig lovers that simply doesn't exist elsewhere. When we lost your account, I tried heavy-heartedly to look for other videos of the episodes I missed and everyone's comments there were so cold and critical. I couldn't stand it. You gave us an amazing space to express our genuine Craig love. There would always be the occasional dissenter, but you always shut him/her down, and as a fellow (native) New Yorker, I always admired your no-nonsense attitude towards the unfortunate souls who sought to rile up the Robot Skeleton Army (and its Twitterless soldiers-in-spirit)!

    Anyway, this post went on a lot longer than I intended. The point is this: my favorites section was decimated by YouTube's stupidity and callous, corporal heartlessness. 35 of Craig's monologues, song-and-dance/puppet extravaganza intros, e-mail segments, interviews, and - worst of all - the OMFG ending, all of which were able to improve even my worst days, are gone. But we're still standing. We're behind you - I'm behind you - more than ever, and we'll always be here to support you. Thank you for bringing us Craig, rain or shine. Thank you for being YOU (i.e., splendid, selfless, sassy, smart, and undoubtedly sexy as fuck). We wouldn't have Craig without you and we wouldn't have each other without you. We'll all fight YouTube together, forever if we have to. We won't let anything keep you down. We're all in this together.

    THANK YOU. A million times, forever and ever (amen). ;) :o) <3

    Cindy (readerchick1989 on YouTube)

    P.S. If we ever bump into each other around NY sometime, coffee/drinks are on me!

  33. Malinky, I've tried 3 times to write a comment here today, and each time I just come up with something that rambles on forever and still doesn't quite say what I want it to. So I'll simply say this:

    I was devastated by the loss of your old channel. It was like losing a good friend. But when I saw the new channel, it made me feel much better. You are an absolute angel for doing this for us on a daily basis, and you have my everlasting gratitude. And you're still the best cult leader we could ever have asked for! Long live Malinky!!! :)

    (And yes, that's a bit rambly, but it's miles shorter than the first 3 attempts...)

  34. Thanks you so much for everything you have done and are going to do.
    I am sure Craig knows of everything and will one day make it up to you. (c;

  35. An article from BBC Click, Is YouTube's three-strike rule fair to users? Friday, 21 May 2010. In my opinion in your case totally unfair. Stupid greedy short-sighted movie studios :(. But I'm glad you're back, thank you!

  36. I miss the account and hope they can to some sort of arrangement. Malinky you gave all us Late late show fans overseas hours of pleasure :(

  37. Warner Bros has made YT its bitch. Sorry to hear this news. You put enormous amounts of work into the channel and made Craig available to people who would never have even heard of him, like me in Australia. Thank you for all that you have done.

  38. Ha! I stumbled across some tvscraigferguson videos and it reminded me that there hadn't been any new craig ferguson showing up in my subscription box for a few days so i went and found the account suspended but luckily i still had your message mentioning this blog so yay for me, all is not lost.

  39. Hey Mal.

    Words cannot describe the thanks that I and everyone who has ever watched a video you've uploaded owe you for your service to the RSA. Whether it was first thing in the morning, or last thing at night, we know we can depend on you to provide us with our daily dose of Craig.

    Your channel may have been suspended *shakes fist* but the legacy it leaves behinds, and the lives it has brightened, will continue.

    Thank you, from a humble Englishman.

  40. Long live General Mal--keeper of the RSA vault of goodness! Hail Malinky! <3

  41. Another post, another country... New Zealand here... Thanks so much for your tireless efforts Mal! If I can offer any kind of consolation, its said that Shakespeare HAD to kill off Romeo and Juliet so that we would appreciate what had been lost... When I saw "Account Suspended" a cold chill came over me and I realised how much I had taken your channel for granted. Never Again!!! Thanks to you, me and the missus are staunch Craig fans, bought his book, and one day plan to be paid hobo's for a taping of the LLS. MASSIVE THANKS AND BLESSINGS TO YOU!!!
    Paddy and Louise,

  42. FINALLY!!! now i know what went horribly wrong...and that's going to be ok after all! when i discovered your channel had been suspended, there was a knee jerk reaction: i joined twitter and the Robot Skeleton Army just to somehow remain connected to craig! and I hate twitter. i found you here and there on your blog and twitter account...and discovered the new channel! THANK you for sharing Craig with the rest of the world. i love him because of your hard work. You're amazing. here's a HUGE CYBER HUG for you!!!

  43. Coming from France where we don't get CBS, all the clips I watched of Craigy have been on your channel. It was through your uploads that I discovered the show and am now a huge fan of it. I'm sorry that you lost the channel due to such silly reasons :(

    But when it comes down to it, there's nothing more that I could say other than thank you for all your time, dedication and diligence! You are truly amazing and your legacy will live on :)


  44. Thanks for everything Malinky! If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be able to watch Craig. It's also allowed me to convert my friends into fans.

    from a thankful person in Glasgow, Scotland

  45. Oh Malinky, I'm so sorry! You've shepherded me through many a night of overtime, and imagine my disappointment to find you gone!! It does feel like I've lost a friend. I'm glad to hear the story; silly and sad though it is. You and Craig have truly helped to buoy my mood through some very tough times...just want you to know your efforts were so appreciated!


  46. I just wanted to thank you for all this channel has provided and your dedication in this. I can not express it in words but a big thank you from Sweden.

  47. thank you for your hard work. you spread the joy of craig to us. and it has helped me through tough times. i am glad to see your spirit has not been broken and is back on the youtube. there were so many wonderful memories of looking at youtube subscription and see how quickly you have put out the clips, and now i can continue to do that again.

  48. You are brilliant,

    I found your channel a couple months ago when I was procrastinating on youtube on a very late night and the clips had me in stitches, Craig is probably my new favourite talk-show host.

    Just wanted to let you know there are still many of us who appreciate the uploads and I love that you've established a new channel :)

    Thank you so much,
    love from Sydney, Australia.

  49. I had no idea there was so much finetooth combing & effort involved in the uploads of those videos!

    Like yourself, I am now a dedicated fan of Craig & it's all thanks to your channel! Thank you so much

  50. Aww man I had a feeling something wasn't right as soon as I stopped seeing updates appear on my YouTube subscriptions. I was really looking forward to viewing the vids on my brand new 40 inch LED TV when that typically happened for the channel to go. Sadly we don't have Craig's show here in the UK. Thankfully though you have a new channel and this blog to have an RSS feed to so I welcome the resurrection again! Keep up the good work! :)

  51. just want to add to the thanks - i'm not in the US, and have relied on your posts to watch the show, which i love. i actually recall the day when I logged on, expecting to watch the new episode, since you're so reliable :-), and then the rising panic as I couldn't find ANYTHING from you... I'm so glad you're continuing to do it!

  52. Thanks for everything Malinky. When I didn't have the time to watch Craig "live" I immediately went to your channel the next day to watch what I had missed... Your YT channel will be missed, but be sure that I will never forget it. Again, thanks for everything. Don't let YT ever bring you down, their just a bunch of fuckers :)

    From a loyal member of the Robot Skeleton Army