Monday, May 24, 2010

Craig Ferguson Guest List 5/24/10

Mon, May 24th: Ben Stein, Mishka & Craig Shoemaker
Tue, May 25th: Kristin Davis & Judd Apatow

Wed, May 26th: Antonio Banderas & Paula Poundstone
Thu, May 27th: Michael Sheen & Band of Horses
Fri, May 28th: Jeffrey Ross & The National

source: cbs


  1. Yeah! Another visit by the "rabbity" Michael Sheen, another "Sheenapalooza"... His last visit has been epic. So funny. Great chemistry between the Scotsman and the Welshman. *big smile on my face while thinking about it* Still laughing about the idea of Craig selling tickets in a cinema owned by Michael. Still laughing about "sock cleavage". Gosh, I could go on and on...
    Pretty much looking forward to this week's visit! Can't wait... Thanks for the info, Mal!

  2. I'm disappointed that your YouTube page is suspended. ;[

  3. Antonio is always funny!
    The National. *blink* The National! My favourite band!

  4. As with the rest of the robot skeleton army, I was greatly disappointed when your account got suspended, all due to minuscule clips that retarded execs in certain companies decided to claim.

    I read that you were planning to allow people to request clips to be reuploaded, therefore i would like to request the episode where Archbishop Desmond Tutu came on as a special guest; the very same episode for which our beloved Craig won the Peabody (if I'm not mistaken :P).

    Thank you oh so very much for bringing Craig into thousands upon thousands of lives, and not just mine. :D

  5. Hello malinky,

    thank you again for making it possible to watch the LLS also for us abroad.

    I've become so fond of Craig that I've decided to go all the way to NY to see him live (October 23rd).

    I can't wait :))