Sunday, May 23, 2010

Craig Ferguson 4/20/9A Late Late show WONDERFUL beginning

Craig and his merry gang perform Fatboy Slim's "Wonderful Night" oldy but certainly a goodie. *sigh* Good times!

A) beginning
B) show & tell
C) sketches
D) Simon Cowell chat
E) Erin McCarley performs
F) ending

According to YT, this video is blocked in Germany...


  1. This is one of my favs!!! ty for the re-post!!!

  2. Malinky, it's true that this one's blocked on YT in Germany. Have been pretty sad when I've been watching your recent uploads on your channel this morning but could not watch this hilarious opening...
    So glad when I saw you posted it here as well. So glad about being able to re-watch this singing-puppets-madness again. *big smile on my face*
    Watched it not only once, not twice, not... Well, I guess you know what I mean... Good times, you are absolutely right!
    Thank you so very much for everything you do for Craig's worldwide fan community!!
    Many, many greetings across the pond.

  3. This may be my fave Craig clip ever, so thanks for posting it here, in case it was lost on youtube.

    Do ou still have the 1000th episode? Many thanks and kind regards for keeping us in Craig vids no matter where we are - xox!

  4. Hi there. another german depending on your youtube channel for something funny to watch!
    Are there more recent episodes coming up? Its such a hassle to download them daily from onlinetvrecorder :-(
    But thanks for being the source of a large amount of fun in my life!!