Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Craig Ferguson on The Price is Right

What is the retail value of having your friend work one floor above you? PRICELESS! Craig Ferguson stops by Drew Carey's dressing room at The Price is Right.

It seems Craig may have been lurking the halls of TPIR more often than usual last week. On June 22nd, Craig stopped by to record an episode for the 38th Season premiere of the long running US game show. The episode is due to air September 21st. The next day Craig dropped by again (see photo). What's so damn funny guys?!?!?!!?



  1. I just love how these two are soo close, they seem like the bestest of friends and as thick as thieves in that picture =P

    Can't wait to see Craig on TPIR...hopefully someone will upload it for those of us back in the old country

  2. Lawl when looking at that picture I keep thinking, what? do I have something on my face?! xD

    Ohh will you be uploading the TPIR episode when it aiiress??!?!?! *puppy eyes*

    I love these two, and I love the idea of Craig lurking! :D