Monday, June 29, 2009

Craig Ferguson USO Tour!

Craig Ferguson and Matt Baetz do their service for our country by entertaining the troops! The two comedians are visiting US troops on Army bases in Kosovo and Germany from June 26th through July 2nd. The guys have the troops rolling...

I'm certainly a proud fan! Perhaps even beaming.

Craig entertains the troops in
Baumholder, Germany on June 28th (above photo by Fred Greaves).


  1. Ohmygod! That's awesome!!

    And I absolutely LOVE how all the soldiers sit there, LAUGHING while clutching their guns... Bahaha!

    I'm SO glad you found this!! Malinky you never fail!

    And it's absolutely brilliant of Craig to do this, and Matt Baetz, although I've never heard of him before... I should check that out.

    Those pictures are just great!

  2. Matt Baetz is a comedian & good guy.
    Search for his name in my vids, and you'll find the set he recently did on Craig's show.
    Also, look in my favs because there are quite a few clips of his there as well...

    Believe you me, I was absolutely thrilled when I got this! *sigh of relief*

  3. Thanks Mal for pointing this out to me! I think it's so great that Craig is out there doing his bit to support the troops. I also love the fact that Matt's with him cause whenever he is on the show you can tell that they are so close. Wasn't Matt Craig's assistant before he made it in comedy cause he used to do those things in the 'new ford flex'?

  4. This is so cool!
    Love Craigs army jacket :D

    Didn't know he was on tour with "his assistant" Matt from the show. He seems like a cool and funny guy!

    Looks like they're having a great time in Kosovo. No need to be worried for him :)

  5. Yes, Matt Baetz used to work on the show. He seems very nice indeed. I'm actually starting to wonder if Matt is addicted to doing USO tours at this point...

    Yes, I am a bit concerned at having one of our cherished comedic Americans in possible harm's way, but I know Craig really wants to do it and as a fan I'm so very proud. But I would be totally lying if I didn't admit that I'll be happier when he's back home.