Friday, September 18, 2009

Craig Ferguson 10/31/8B Late Late Show MONOLOGUE

Craig's Show & Tell: Don't forget to turn your c*ck, Halloween in LA and a fun sized know what Daddy likes.

This clip wasn't accepted by YT. I'm freaking out, so don't ask.


  1. You better not get banned from Youtube... OR ELSE!

    (... or else i would have no place left to go for my Ferguson :( )

  2. Oh noes..this is not good. Especially with this huge Craig week coming up.

    Prayers for Malinky, 'cause this ep is turning out to be really funny and I'd love to see the rest!

  3. I think YT (and my brain) have decided to work against us. Least we still have trusty megavideo on our side.

    Fingers crossed this is just a blip

  4. I don't know why YT is giving you a hard time with this one. It's already on there by RoQu3to!

  5. Ooooh, this was wonderful!
    I seem to be writing the same comment on every other Craig post.. And they all are!