Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dear Malinky: Craig's new tattoo

From: nottodayimsleeping
Date: Sep 16, 2009

Hey, been following your videos of Craig for a while now. Thought I'd update you on a show I went to the recording of today.

Monologue was mostly about Guinness and how it was bi-sexual something or other day. So Craig meshed it into a bi-sexual leprechaun. And then he recorded the intro and talked about "the future".

Guests were Jennifer Love Hewitt (they have a talk about youtube and Craig talks about the videos of him up there - won't say more incase I spoil it. ;) ) Next he had Ken Tucker on talking about Fall TV. Was good.

And! He recorded an interview with Mitch Albom for use at some point in the future.

Anyway, as I posted on twitter to you. Craig has a new tattoo dedicated to his mother. He said he had one already for his dad and he could hear his mum going "Oooh thats a lovely tattoo you have for you DAD!". So he felt he had to even it out. So he got one for his mum, it was a Celtic Cross with a Latin phrase that meant think strong. I couldn't remember what it was in Latin sadly.

And! He said he's thinking of one more. Like one of the old Civil War woodcuttings of a snake cut into 13 pieces for the 13 states. And underneath it, it will say "Join or Die". Then he have the cutest smile ever and said: "You know why I get these? Cos when I'm getting changed in my room and putting on my shirt, I see these tattoos and I remind myself: That I'm not their bitch." It was awesome to see Craig just talking to everyone and being funny without the cameras.

...keep up the good work for keeping me up to date with Craig when I go back home.

Thanks. :D

Sep 18, 2009

Anyway, all they say about the youtube stuff is Craig laments that videos of him only get about 1000 or so hits but a pigeon with it's foot stuck in gum gets 15,000,000.
So it was good talk.

And! Now that the fog has cleared, pretty sure the tattoo says "Magnanimus esto" which is the latin motto on his mother's family crest and means "Be great of mind".

PSS: Sep 19, 2009

It's on his left arm, on the bicep just below the shoulders. The one for his Dad is on his right shoulder.


  1. Wow, do we get to see this new tattoo I wonder? I do hope so, sounds lovely and such a great idea and meaning behind it

  2. Whenever tattoos came up in guest interviews he's been telling guests that having an even number is bad luck, so i'm guessing the third one will soon follow.

  3. If you haven't seen the Wolf Blitzer 9/22/09 interview with Craig yet check it out and pause at 2:24 for a good shot of Craig's tattoo.

  4. We got a peek at the new snake tattoo on Friday nights show.